Sunday, March 17

America trippp

Had this car picking us up to send to the airport. Seeing it in front of the house has resurrected a buried dream of getting one. In any case, they charged us a bargain cause i think the wifey uses the company all the time. Beats the yellow cab anytime... Audi q7... I will c u again... Hopefully in the garage

Sunday, February 10

Cycling to work

It was an adventure riding to work but i made good on a self made promise. Been doing it a few times now. Love how melbourne is set up with all the bike paths

Sunday, December 16

Zareef appreciates the teacher

Its the end of the year now and kids are saying goodbye to the teachers. Zareef wanted to make a card to show his appreciation. We thought it was kind hearted of him.

Wednesday, December 12

Work not fun

Not having a great time at work nowadays. Post this few pics for good memories

Zara's first dentist visit

She was excited n cautious all in one. Very quite n obedient. The dentist said she had great teeth n it was a good idea to bring kids early so they know the drill. Some kids can go mental i assume. Adults too i suppose.