Thursday, December 8

Super duper mega ultra Classico

No more excuses, no more mind games, no more media antics, no more dobbing to Uefa/fifa/League/ ur momma, no more thrash talking, no more whinging, no more poking eyes, no more spitting in front of the bench, no more conspiracy theory, no more political influence, no more pigs head,  no more cock and bull, no more #ucking around...

Lets get it on!!!!!! 

Tuesday, December 6

Cherry Picking

Last weekend we had an outing to Cherry Heaven in Wandin. It was great. The kids enjoyed it and the misses and myself ate our bellies full. Before that day I always thought cherries tasted like cough medicine (thanks to the artificial cherries on most cakes). Thanks Hanim/Wanzaw for changing my perception. Now I know it taste better and crunchier than grapes. Tak muak lak tu. Layaaannn!!!! Recommended if you want to have a relaxing non stop cherry eating day. Lastly a little tip they shared with us... don't pull the cherry but instead twist it until it falls out so that other cherries can grow on the same stem.

warning: too many cherries may cause multiple visits to the Dunny. 

Monday, December 5

Zareef and Lucy B

Zareef and Lucy B. Always playing and having good fun together

Ayah: do u like Lucy?
Zareef: yes.. But she embarrass me..
Ayah: why?
Zareef: she calls me 'sweetie pie'
Ayah: do u like being called that
Zareef: no.... Emm yes... But not in front of everyone