Tuesday, July 28

Bo's wedding - impossible is nothing

If you know a good friend that is emmm.. how to put it?? COMPLEXXX when it comes to relationships, feelings, emotions or just being 'ikut perasaan'... you feel extremely happy somebody is willing to be his lifetime partner and layan all his rohani and jasmani needs. Sesungguhnya Tuhan Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang. Jodoh dan ajal sudah ditentukanNya sejak azali lagi. The match-make is so unbelievable but yet its true. Its so amazing... many of us came to see the historical event/nak make sure its true (also sebab ada rasa sayang sikit kat Bo).

Everybody with the pengantins

I'm guessing Bo is thanking his lucky stars (bersyukur ke-hadrat Illahi) that dia berjaya dapat and kawin Pn Azhani. Sebab if it was up to us friends.. Bo kawin ngan makcik kantin sekolah seksyen 2 lah gamaknya. ni dapat Pn. Azhani... contra habis. Cun, baik , pemurah, suka menjahit dan terutama sekali suka memasak untuk kawan2 Bo (saya suka makan asam pedas, ikan tenggiri goreng + baby kailan). Bo on the other hand, muka memang kurang sikitlah, kadang2 bau ada out jugak and on occasions grumpy but no doubt he has a heart of a lion, a very dear friend and has a very interesting personality. Heres a pic of the pengantin (with us) to compare kecantikan langit (Aza) dan bumi(Bo).

Pengantins being Happy

Whatever it is Bo.. i believe and berdoa Azza and you will make each other happy for the rest of your lives. May Allah bless you with as many beautiful children you desire. So lepas ni Bo we hope you wont stop playing futsal and chilling out. Ohhh one more thing, lepas ni kitorang taknak dengar kau manja2 lagi. nak manja kat rumah saja.

ps.. Below are more pics taken during the wedding

Senyum jejaka's tumpang happy untuk Bo

Senyum Happy Bo belanja makan (rare occasion)

The Datin's Crew

Shania, Maz and Siti Farah family hug

Shania and Ariana adoring each other. Gebu in the house!

Macam ni rasanya jadi pengantin... dah lupa dah!

Sunday, July 26

July babies Celebration at Porto Romano

Note: Please forgive me for the tardiness of this entry.

I have been meaning to write about our Sunday lunch with friends a few weeks back but due to slow uploading of pictures, hence the delay. Our friends typically celebrated each others birthdays by having dinner or lunch together. The last time was like 4-5 months back (shahrul's). It was about time to have another one. So i decided to ask everybody out to celebrate July babies (Siti Fazilla, Mas, Suriani, Kak Su and myself). Below is the picture of the July babies (obviously i was the best looking one among them) and the cup cakes as the birthday cake (thank you faizal and Mas, next time janganlah beli but buatlah handmade with love.. lebih lak mintak). Thank you also to Fariz Helmi and Liza for the Sex and the City DVD gifts.

only one rose among the thorns

Not only sweet but also an eye candy. i justed learned you should squeeze the bottom part to get the cake out.

The location was great, we held it at Porto Romano's (Porto is a port city in Portugal while Romano is an Italian cheese) in Mont Kiara betul2 beside Wendy's (Wafi's favorite place).They served Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The food was so-so.. meaning certain dishes were fantastic(Lamb shank - terliur tengok Mas and Su nye dish) while others not so (Raviolli and Cannoli - yes we were the unlucky ones, tulah tak nak dengar cakap wife). Price was 'oklah' but wished they gave bigger portions for it. Service was not up to par but not to the level that will annoy Wafi (Wafi will always make sure we get good service everytime we ate out together.. at whatever extend, thats why Wafi is a must when we eat out). Heres a couple of dishes from the menu.
Seafood Cannoli - 3 pieces je.. RM8+ per piece, tak kenyang langsung

Apple Pie - rasa macam roti canai apple + susu pekat

Among those who attended were: Shania, Benjy, Wafi and the adults were Amru, Siti, Siti Farah, Shahrul Ketua, Shahrul, Su, Kak Su, Jibb, Faizal, Mas, Maz, Zul, Fariz Helmi and Liza. Below are our pics.
Jejaka-jejaka hensem ala Portogese

Awek-awek manis ala Italian

So during our lunch we had ample time to talk/catch up/ kutuk orang/interview (siti.. awek baru amru) in a comfortable setting. We ended up spending nearly 3 hours there. (1+ hour just to wait for Jibb). The best part was we were conquering the place and it feels very cozy just like at home. They had sofas (picture below) and a big balcony (picture above) for us to enjoy. There were also very nice decorations and picture walls. My favorite is a portrait of Don Corleone from Godfather.

Dah nak balik tapi tiba2 lepak kat sofa for additional half and hour or so.

Don Corleone with Don Bozord

Not forgetting, we took a lot of pictures especially courtesy from Amru. Peluang ni jelah nak pakai cantik2, kumpul ramai2 (Shahrul ketua asik pergi India je, Shahrul berkebun kat Setiu, Siti Farah berceramah satu malaya, Amru shooting) and take pictures. Masing2 pun dah plan nak posing2 for the past week (especially shahrul.. rasanya dia upah model coach, or hes just vain).

Maz with baby Shania - both are very cute
Me with my life time baby

All in all, we had a great time. Everybody was happy to just chill out and enjoy each others company particularly the kids Shania and Benjamin. Hope we can continue to do this in the coming years. Insyallah.

For more pics please visit our Zazamazu Album or Amrufm blog

Saturday, July 25

Feel appreciated by colleagues

TNB = Top No.1 Bureaucracy

Came to work on Friday and realized the July payslip is out. People are smiling more than usual. Seems like some of them got extra allowances with 7 months back dated (but i'm not one of them). Some of them are getting up to RM700 extra a month from now on. I felt really happy for them. They earned it and right fully deserved.

People came up to me to thanked me. Some bought me dinner (currently sangat kenyang and gemuk). Others promised to do so too.
i felt really appreciated. I have always believed when you do good to people, people will remember.

The appreciation came about when I realized that some senior colleagues were being short changed by TNB. All TNB staff know this occurs every other day. Some moron interpreted a circular worngly (either shows incompetance or malice) and leaving the staff getting a pay cut (TNB memang suka betul bab mintak lebih, bayar tak nak). The staff involved inquired about it from the department management and HR of divisions. As usual too, all cock and bull story came up leaving everybody frustated. In the end, the staffs were tired of trying and lived with it but still very bitter and pissed.

Along with other issues, me being pissed off with the company made a fuss about everything to everyone. I just can't accept they are bending us over and sticking it to us. I was persistent and vocal in demanding what we deserved. Met/emailed the HR, the management and the union heads. Sold some names to be blamed. Made some people embarassed (therefore made some 'friends'). Prepared all the facts and paperwork needed. Pushed (very hard) all the issues to the union head to bring it up. Thank fully the Union was happy to shoot at Management too even more so with obvious proof of incompetancy.

So little by little we are getting what is rightfully ours. But still more to come and its taking too slow. You think goverment is slow, they are like rabbits compared to us kura2 TNB. I will swallow what i say if anybody can proof otherwise. I hope this entry wont give a negative impression of me. I bersyukur i have a stable job (even though not paid that high) and enough to provide for my family. I just cant stand working for selfish/inconsiderate/moronic/greedy people and being taken for a ride. I am not an idiot/walkover like they think.

ps.. i learned we got to stick it back where it hurts to get the message through.

Friday, July 24

Sakit telinga

Normally when i say sakit telinga, i mean it as a side effect from 'somebody' nagging. But now my ears are really hurting. Tuhan nak tunjukkan... when somebody nags it means they care (most of the time), so stop complaining.

I went swimming last Wednesday. i stayed quite a while in the pool trying (keyword = trying) to perfect my free stroke and learning/practicing my turns at the end of my laps. Thought it would be a perfect way to spend my only day off in the past 10 days. yep.. in like 3 weeks plus , i only have 2 days off but lets stop talking about my stupid job.

During my swim, i realized my left ear was full of water which i though was normal so i just swam on. I only stopped after i completed the laps i intended to do (fyi, 15laps to and fro.. berlagak sikit walaupun tak power pun). Unfortunately by that time i guess the water was too far in and made me slightly deaf and uncomfortable. The pic below is for the visual effect.

I tried all sorts of stuff to get it out.. the headbanging, put more water in to get it all out, use a cotton bud etc2. I was even thinking of using a hair dryer to dry it up but i couldnt find one. It was starting to hurt bad later on. Can't pop the ears, certain jaw movements, burp, sneeze or yawn without feeling pain. Getting deafer a little bit more too. So i went to the drs. She confirmed i had pus and an infection. She couldn't even see my eardrum as it was covered in pus. She gave me some ear drops called Neo Deca and antibiotics (drs. give these out like candy). I'm not taking the antibiotics but the drops are working wonders but kinda makes me extra deaf for a while.

I checked online (webMD.com) to get a better understanding of my pain (i dunno why drs. never seem to be interested to educate us) . Seems like i have 'swim ears'. A bacteria infection due to the trapped fluid build up. A haven for bacterias to multiply. The gist of it all, always keep your ears dry and protect it - use earplugs, more ear wax the more protection, use alcohol drops after swimming, once you get swim ears you'll tend to get it again, warm water + vinegar can be used as treatment, swim in clean waters only.

So there's my story. Something to share so that you won't have to go through it. It really hurts, irritating and makes you somewhat less functional. Come to think of it.. i should have asked for a M.C.. Darn it!!!

Tuesday, July 21

Karim Benzema is my new football hero

I have always adored Zidane and since the world cup finals 2006 i have missed watching him play very very dearly. Never fails to lift my spirits up especially when I am down, pissed off and stressed out (always makes me forget all the stupid stuff somehow). I have been trying to find a new football hero that will take the same effect on me. Yes it may sound 'poyo' or weird but it is an important part of my boring life. I believe i have finally found one. He is......

with my no.1 hero Zidane

I can tell you all the reasons why i like him (its been a while 1 year plus) and try to convince others he is the man to watch but that will take forever. I'll take my time with it but i just want to make it official to all that Karim Benzema is my new hero. I dont want people saying 'dah menang award itu ini baru nak cakap your hero' or anything yang akan membakar jiwa bolaku. To me his the best attacker since the great Ronaldo gemuk (at his prime.. not time dia gemuk). If he keeps on doing what his doing (being in real madrid helps a lot), he can surpass all the strikers that i know and admire. That is what i am waiting for.

So lets all sit back and enjoy the show. Monsieur Benzema you may begin...

ps.. I bet my pitiful TNB salary he can win the Ballon D'or in the coming years.

Monday, July 20

Rapid Freaks!

I did a layout of us having fun at Kuala Kubu Baru, thundering against the rapids. We went white water rafting with our friends from Shah Alam and my brothers. It was absolutely a memorable day. The rapids are wild, and water is nice and I got sunburn (as usual). We will definitely go again, it was really worth the money!

Thursday, July 16

Pool Yard Fun

Here is another video that I made for my family. Its about the kids playing in the small splash pool. Its small but lots of fun. This was shot in our yard. Enjoy

Hasil usahaku berbuah

I planted several trees when we moved in. A manggis tree, a rambutan tree and a mangga tree to name a few. That was nearly 2 years ago. To my amazement and God's gracious, the mangga tree berbuah even though pokok lain macam nyawa2 ikan. The first buah from my own hasil usaha (so-called lah). Here's the picture.

ps.. have to share the accomplishment with the bibik's.

Harap2 it is sweet and the kids don't pluck it too soon.

The tree is about 5ft tall.. it was about 2 feet when i planted it.

Doa selamat

Last Sunday we went to a doa selamat for our beloved Mak Uda @ Aunty Eli. She is going through some tough times. She will undergo an operation next week. The doa selamat is to pray to God the Almighty that she will overcome her struggles. May Allah give her strength and perseverance . Amin.

We read the Yasin and held a Doa for her.

The first generation of ladies in the family

The second generation of ladies in the family

ps. Although the she was having this heavy dugaan.. Aunty Eli was as high spirited and funny as always. We all love you Aunty Eli.

Monday, July 13

Got BIG problem here!

I found this picture of Zareef who looked so 'tak puas hati' (unsatisfied) over something.. perfect for Scrappin Kids July challenge, which is to capture our kids' unpleasent moments. We were outside playing at our lawn. I can't remember exactly why he was so grumpy as he always has that face on him, especially when he didn't get his way. My guess is that he just picked a fight with Zara, we scolded him, and then he went merajuk.. heheh..

This layout is a very simple one, but I like the bright colors, and how it contrast with Zareef's darker mood. I also just love the lion stickers, aren't they cute? It fits the theme, as when he's mad, he sometimes growled like a lion. :) The title really deserved the main attention.. to highlight Zareef's favorite words when he needs our attention..

"Oh Mom, I got BIG problem here!!!"

Sunday, July 12

Heeyyyyy Hang Jebat....

Yesterday i went to Hang Jebat's wedding. Yes his real name is Hang Jebat!!

No, i didn't have to go the Melaka (reception kat PJ Shah's Hotel near A&W) and he didn't marry 'Puteri Gunung Ledang' (Dilla is his Queen) nor did he wore Baju Pendekar and Keris Tamin Sari (dia pakai Tux.. out of theme nanti). To my dissapointment, there wasn't any silat of any kind (ni kena complain kat Jebat ni) but it was beautiful nonetheless.

All in all, i would like to wish Jebat and Dilla Selamat pengantin baru, semoga bahagia ke anak cucu. Harap2 kau letak nama 'Hang' to all your children.

Friday, July 10

HAaaa... buat apa tu?

ARRRghhhhhh!!!.. budak kecikk niii!!!

Muka bersalah but sweet

Wednesday, July 8

Yesterday = happy

Yep.. yesterday was my birthday. Turned 28. Still young and able (i keep telling myself that.. hoping to be true). Apart from being sleep deprived the entire day after my night shifts, actually i had a great time. Simple yet satisfying.

It started of with all the well wishes from family and friends in the form of SMS, blog comments, phone calls (1 from Uganada), personal visit and facebook. Thank you for remembering everybody especially when i just really realized my birthday was coming up a day or so before (didn't get the hint when the wife asked last Friday if i would be free on Tuesday). About the celebration, i'll figure something out (invite dinner or something) and tell you later.

The simple and satisfying part came when just the wifey and me went out to sunway pyramid. Very rare occcasion leaving the kids behind. You'll appreciate the peace and freedom without 2 extra clingy kids. We went shopping for futsal shoes. I got the most expensive one there (without knowing the wifey will pay - *sticking to the story*). Here's a picture of my new Sala shoes. Yes it has pink stripes. Don't laugh or i have to put it up your a*s. I'm naming it pink tiger (macam pink panther tapi ada stripes so jadi pink tiger) .

Later we went to Tony Romas, one of my favorite steak house. Loveeedddd the food as i am a big fan of steak. Sauces (we had 10 choices of it), medium steaks, fried onion blossoms plus tomota juice... mouthwatering indeed. Heres the pics so that you would not have to imagine too hard. Oopps forgot to tell the wife picked up the tab with all her love for me. (Just so happy that somebody is willing to spend for me.. rare occasion for me)

Later we bought 2 slices of cake (tak larat nak habis a whole pie/kids nanti high on sugar/ diet konon) at Secret Recipe to bring home and celebrate with the kids. Zareef was so excited trying to close the lights and trying to suprise me. Such a sweet boy when he's not being naughty (90% of the time.. naughty i mean). Zara was so happy just to get cake. Here's a picture of the humble slices of cake.

The joke of the day was from zareef. It goes as below.

zareef : Hapy Birthday Ayah.. Ayah dah 2 tahun eh?!
Ayah: Mana ada 2 tahun... 28 lah. Zara lah nak masuk 2. Pasal apa zareef cakap 2?

Zareef: Sebabbbb... Candle ada 2 je!!

Later we had the routine brithday song. Eventhough its a typical song.. but it melted me inside (walaupun luar macho... ceehh) because my family sings it to me with unconditional love especially zara yang cuba nyanyi but keluar lagu lain. Later we had 'suap the birthday boy'. I think we are going to start a tradition with this.

How can somebody not be happy with a day like that. I felt like the king of the world as how my family treats me. Its just great to feel like the center of the universe for your family.

ps.. the only downside to the day was i had to finish it at work for my night shift.. bummer tul ah!

Tuesday, July 7

Happy Birthday to the Head of Zazamazu!

Today is the birthday of Zazamazu's head.. the son, the husband, the father... Happy 28th birthday, dear! We are so humbly lucky to have you in our life, and hope we will have lots and lots of happy years together :) You are really the foundation of this family, keeping us in peace and harmony. Zareef, Zara and I love you lots and lots!!!

Here is a simple layout to honor our man... Like Zareef's saying.. "You're the man!"