Wednesday, September 28

Raya 2010 vs 2011

Changing nasty oil
Processing the oil  
Syawal is nearly over and the Raya season is passing us by even in Mesia the one country I know that celebrates it for a month. I still remember last year we had the crappiest Raya ever. We didnt get the day off (baru start kerja), work wasnt easy, knew hardly anybody, kids got sick often, things were bloody expensive. It wasnt fun I can tell you that.

I still remember that Raya day. At work, something dropped into the oil I was replacing (part of my training) and it splashed all over me.... I said to myself "what a %&@ life, others are wet with wuduk and me with this nasty stinking oil". I vowed we are not celebrating raya like this again. Felt sad and guilty that the kids will miss out on our culture. So we said we are going back each raya from now on. But 2011 would be different because MIL is around. Next year onwards insyallah. We can only plan.

This year raya on the other hand was full of happy feelings. Got great food (lemang, ketupat , rendang, kuih tart... semualah) and great company. Did all the traditional stuff. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Thinking back about last year makes it all the sweeter. Even my waistline agrees. So below are some of our happier memories of Raya in Melbourne.

Tuesday, September 27


Wheres the mirror?

Took this picture of Zara and her friend Rachel during Kindy. Thought it was cute both wore the same dress and amazingly both get along very well. Is it safe to assume personalities that are well paired have the same taste in fashion.... either that or the mommies went to the same Target store and bought the Sale item of the week. I reckon its the later. Anyways they look like they can start a Girl Band.  

Changes on the site

Hope the new changes are more pleasing to our readers. We wanted it more personalized and simplified. I hope we got that across. Another thing worth mentioning is that I enabled the mobile site feature. Making it easier to view on the go.

Saturday, September 17

Some lessons are learnt by their consequences

Jangan kacau... nanti dia marah!

karang dia cakar kang!

Best kena cakar?!!!

Kids (Adults too i guess)... You keep warning them... but it just doesn't get through to them. Some lessons are learnt by their consequences. Thats why I reckon sometimes we have to let people make their own mistakes. Choosing which ones is the hard task.