Friday, November 18

Innocent lah konon

Buat innocent and cute lah konon!

Ayah: ZAAAARRAAAAA!! don't hit your brother.
Zara: Nooo... I wasn't hitting abg, I just wanted to touch his face with my bag.

Wednesday, November 2

Posing untuk ayah please

Zareef Melbourne boy model

I have recently concluded that I should up my skills in photography especially editing. It is a good hobby especially with the wifey into scrapping and the kids love to pose (on most occasion). Currently learning to use apple Aperture 3 (photoshop the next step) instead of my iPhoto. Went to the iPhoto session at an Apple store and found out that iPhoto don't do well on library more than 10000 pics. Hence the migration (yes we have thousands and thousands of pics). It was also easy to change cause of the "consolidating masters" tool aperture has. Wish me luck with this!... if all goes well I might be more active with our flickr  account.