Sunday, January 31

Lunch in the shower @ Apartment Curve

*Sorry for being slow with the blog*

So heres a story about our little lunch. Yes we had in a shower at Apartments. Not bachelor pad apartment Wafi kat PD (yg smell a little funny) but the "Apartment" in curve. Its a trendy restaurant. The theme was to emulate a house/apartment type feeling. We really suck it all in cause we were sat right by the bathroom. The usher might have noticed Shahrul's odor and trying to hint something. It was a secluded and private area. Untung jugak kawan ngan budak masam. Nonetheless, the decor was really nice and something new for us. Have to add that our table was made from a bathroom door or something like that. We didnt realize it for the first hour sitting there. Wafi was more oblivious due to his "keen senses and power of observation". There were towels, sinks and showerheads all around us. We tried getting the bedroom section but one look at Wafis weight they gave the "shut the section off" excuse.

The food was really awesome. The burger although seems too simple but the taste... powerr siuttt. Shahrul wanted to stand outside the door telling people how good it was but thought better off it .. looking jakun and all that. Not that he is not used to it. Muka dah ala-ala baru keluar hutan. The desert choc pudding was my chosen highlight. Sorry no pics cause it was just too great. Only the crime scene pics available after the robbing of deliciousness. Just a little set back on the place, our choc pudding took 40 minutes to prepare. We got the typical excuse, the guy who keyed it in was a trainee. Yeah always blame it on the new guy. Apart from that and the slow water refills, they were great. Wafi even said the usher girl was cute.

The long wait wasnt all that bad cause it was really comfy and spacious. Meja pintu lah katakan. But somehow it was kinda hot. AC tak power kot. I guess all shops in curve are like that. Tak pandai langsung conserve AC due to their open air design. Disappoints me as a electrical power man - unnecessary waste of energy. To kill of the time, we as usual being addicts opened up the monopoly card game. Although I hate to tell you but the champion of the day had to go to the wifey. She won over all of us (the addicts and so called otais). "Maz tu memang pandai eh?!!" said Wafi. "Of course she is... shes my wife" I replied.

So heres a few shots I took with the new camera. Not really good but I am still learning. Just got the camera a few days ago. I'll talk more about it later. Yes I know we have been slow in our story telling but I promise we will make an effort to update this blog regularly. Yes wife that applies to you too.

Monday, January 18

Birthday Zara

I know its long overdue but this post is too important to skip. Its about our beloved Zara's 2nd birthday celebration. It was held on the 9th of January, a Saturday. Her real birthday was on the 5th. We try to make a point to celebrate every birthday the kids have to appreciate whats really important in life....
THE CAKE!!!! ... not entirely. The real appreciation (syukur ya Ilahi) on our part is the happiness of family.

We tried to invite all the family members and close friends but most couldnt make it but those who did I hope had a great time and ate joyfully. Thanks for coming Mama, Din, Awie, Aishah, Afiq, Tila, Wawa, Kak Yan, Jaja, Nana, Man, Haziq, Ritique, Sogesh, Loges, Shafiq, Faz, Bo, Aza, Wafi, Fadli, Shahrul, Su and Shania. Happy to see a lot of people coming to share our happiness. Glad ramai yang sayangkan Zara.

As a husband, menantu and majikan yang tersayang, I have to say that the food was great. It was particularly good because it was cooked with love by all the great women in Zara's life. We had nasi lemak and mee hoon soup. Anybody who tasted the sambal and cili kicap knows what I am talking about. You wont really forget easily the taste. Everybody was whistling while eating.. you know the after sound of eating something really spicy. But I think I topped everybody's cooking with my special birthday cheesecake. I made it with the very special "Secret Recipe".

Apart from talking and catching up, I tried to expend my FOC MLM of monopoly cards to the newbies while having the usual rounds with the regulars. The novices caught on fast due to it being so addictive and amazingly simple and strategic playing style. Those who havent tried it should go to the nearest Toys R Us or MPH to get the RM20 deck. I guarantee you it will be hours and hours of fun. From professors to datins can attest to this. I kid you not cause their kids (my friends) losses all the time to them....

dah melalut ke monopoly card deal lakk..

ok ok.. So I end this entry saying thank you for those who came. Zara also says thank you for the lovely gifts.

Wednesday, January 6

Our "Boo" turns 2!

I can't believe it! Our little 'Boo' (like Monsters Inc's Boo) turns 2 yesterday! She has grown into a fine and sweet girl. At 2, she loves looking cute & pretty, loves nice clothes, loves to dance and sing, and is just a sweetheart. Here is layout of our Boo.. she is looking so sweet in her baju kurung. We love you so much, Zara girl!

Friday, January 1

Tampin outing with Pontian Family

Feeling all cramped out in KL, we decided to have a realllyyy out of town getaway. This time we had it at a "camp motivation" venue called Adventure Community. Its located kinda in the outskirts of Tampin. Hard to explain the location and harder still to find. Pak Uda was lost for about 1.5 hours mainly due to the "highly" precise direction skills of the FIL. It could have only taken him 10 minutes if he knew the way (arriving at 1am didnt actually helped either)

These were the directions FIL gave me:
FIL: keluar tol simpang ampat, roundabout amik kanan... jgn hala ke Afamosa, nanti jumpa T-junction dalam 5 minit lepas tu pergi straight je...
Confused me
: T-junction pergi straight je??!!
FIL: Kalau tak banyak kereta pergi straight, kalau takleh pusing kiri lepas tu U-turn. Sampai lah... ala ada sign board nanti.
Confused me: Ada sign board oklah kot.. jumpa kat situ
*Much to me and the others frustation.. the invisible signboard can only be seen by him only.... thank you FIL*
The outing was intended to meet up with the FIL side of the family. A lot of them made it but not all (he has 8 siblings with their own family). Over 30 people showed up - kids and old people alike. It was really great to have a chance to spend time with the Pontians (and not Pontianak). We even spent the night 'camping' in the hills of Gunung Tampin. The women and kids were in the big air-condition dewan while most of the men were in the camps.

I really appreciate the Pontian people. They are the typical kampung people that are very accommodating and laid back. "okkkk nyeeeee" was their moto. Just say what you want to eat. By the next meal time it'll be on the dinner table. They teach me to make do with what you have (we did our own cooking and bought groceries at a Giant 10 minutes away). "Lauk ikan masin jee" some might think.. but i'll have that over McD's or KFC any day. You'll be surprised how little we spend feeding all those mouths. Another great thing, if you ask them to do this or do that with you.. they will follow with open hearts.

So the best part about the place has to be the deep kolam air sungai. Its man made with diverted river water. Thats why you see the water a little murky and not like the chlorine filled swimming pool. But I guarantee you its soo much more refreshing especially with its natural coldness in the hot midday sun. Hours and hours of fun. Lepas tidur mandi, lepas makan mandi, lepas sembahyang mandi, lepas masak mandi.. everything had to end with a dip in the pool. Certain parts was really deep and used to practice our diving styles another was neck to waist deep for the general users while one other part was conducive for babys.

Another challenging activity we did was to go jungle trekking all the way to the famous "Giant Tree". We started late around 5pm but I was adamant to go cause if not Man will miss out the following day. I thought I will get the 'crazy idea' look when I invited the others but surprisingly there were around 10 other willing takers. Even Pak Su said "takpee kalau balik malam... kita bawak torchlight". With FIL leading the way into the deep mountains we made it out just before maghrib. Yes even with the old people. Half way back, he used a shortcut through somebodys kebun. My FIL really impressed me while trekking. He's 60+ years old but some of the things he does even I can't follow and I am no stranger to the jungle. He jumps from rocks to branches to rocks like as if he was 20 years old- daring giler. Some of us were injured during the trekking. Falling and all that. The jungle creatures (leeches and giant ants) also made us leave with souvenirs. MIL and Mak Kenny got bitten by an ant until their feet bled out.

The rest of time was more cooking, eating, playing cards and talking. Ohh yeahh we tried catching ikan keli and udangs. Catching udang was a success but the ikan keli got away. AAAhhhhh.. I forgot the talk about the Giant Tree. It was realllyyy gigantic. The roots branched really wide and the height of its roots was double of mine (although I know i'm not the best measure of height). So I think the size of the tree measures well with how much fun we had.