Tuesday, February 14

Dipping goals.

Anybody who knows how to kick the ball properly knows how hard it is to get the ball to dip. Among those I have watch playing, CR7 is among the best in doing this. It's very technical and scientific how the ball can move so out of norm from the average trajectory especially when it falls down really fast (dipping). It has to do with rotation, force direction, tail spin, torque and bla bla bla...

So below is a video I reckon is the best dipping goal in open play.

Tuesday, February 7

Double standard Man U

"It was a sending off," Ferguson told Sky Sports. "The linesman has given two penalty kicks against us at Old Trafford in the last two years, one against Arsenal and one against Liverpool - from 45 yards away, but he can't see that? I don't blame Howard Webb, I blame the assistant.
"There was a pull on Ashley Young, in front of the linesman again, and he doesn't give it. Yet he gives them at Old Trafford. I don't understand it, I don't know where they get them from.
However, on this occasion the FA does not believe he called into question the integrity of the official, so punishment will be avoided.
Fa taknak buat apa2 ke .Tu lah dia double standard uncle alex. Webb tak nak kutuk lak because 17% of all penalties his given was to man u. Kalau masuk fantasy football dah jadi top assists.
Something stinks in Manure!!! Sama je macam Barca

Monday, February 6

Melbourne Aquarium Outing

As a shift worker, I tend to get a lot of free time.... Not as much as I would have liked but enough with no complains. So on my off days and during the school summer holidays, I brought my kids to the city and the Melbourne aquarium while the misses was working.

It was really fun and educational. The kids loved it. Here are a few photos we took.

Ps... Although we had a fantastic time... I was a little disappointed and thought the Sydney aquarium was a lot better. Why do we always have to come second to Sydney with all the touristy places.