Saturday, November 27

Ready for the El-Classico?

Twice a year there are 2 games in Spanish La-Liga that football fans all over the world keen to watch. No matter if your a Valencia fan, a Kelantan fan or even a Liverpool fan (are there any left?). Its the head-head show down of the 2 biggest clubs in Spain or I would like to consider the world. Yup Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Its so hyped up over they even have a 'title' for this matchup called "El Classico". No other league matches across the world has a title for its normal league match (as far as I know - could be lying).

Although its just a normal league game (as Shahrul puts it - macam Almeria vs Getafe etc etc) and does not really carry extra weight in the competition, the match is worked up because of its history and all the behind-the-scene that comes with it. Which is the part I love most (especially being a Real Madrid Fan). Barcelona vs Real Madrid rivalry is arguably the most frictional of the club footballing world. Dramas aside the only real weightage of the game is that in Spanish La Liga to determine the winner after the total points are the head to head goal difference (if you can't follow what I mean - NVM, just ignore it).

Madrid is the capital of Spain while Barcelona is like the capital of Catalan. In simple terms both city talk different languages, have different political believes (Catalan wants/consider themselves independent from Spain vs Real Madrid was 'backed' by the Gomen sort off /Real means Royal), different very influential Media's (Radio Barca, Marca Newspaper), different Ultra (Super Fanatic) fans and different views on football. In modern times there is no better venue to iron out these "differences" than a good sporting game. Thats why the importance/emphasis on El Classico.

I can go on and on and on about this but Zareef dah start bangun (its 630am - punyalah semangat lepas subuh terus nak tulis about Classico) and ajak tengok Batman The Bold and The Brave. Cutting this short here is a list some of the stuff that happen previously gearing up and making this Classico a real watcher and I think you would like to know:

  1. Pig Head - Barca's fans threw a real Pig's Head at Luis Figo when he was taking a corner kick. Barca felt betrayed when he was loved and was a star player in Barca but moved to Madrid by plotting with Perez to buy out his contract clause.
  2. Raul's Famous SSSSHHHH celebration - Raul started the famous SSHHHH finger to mouth goal celebration shutting up the whole Nou Camp (100,000 ppl). Cooll right!!
  3. Barca in grown talents/star versus Real Madrids power buying Galacticos
  4. For the previous years the only 2 clubs contending for LA LIGA.
  5. Morinho was an interpreter in Barca but ironically have beaten Barca with 2 clubs he managed (Chealsea and Inter). Morinho itself is a whole new blog entry
  6. Ronaldinho Standing ovation from the Ultras at Bernabeu after a solo effort. This was when Real Madrid was politically unstable.
  7. Ronaldo vs Messi... arguably the 2 most biggest star right now. There are also topping the La Liga goal scoring table. Different qualities in both professionally and personality. Ronaldo solo play/'lawa'/stylo/strong arrogant personality of a winner while Messi a small boy from the kampungs but superbly awesome and talented. Excited to see what they will do against each other.

Ok ok .. got to go.. Zareef dah tanya dah lagi... I leave you with a video of the previous goals Madrid scored at Nou Camp.


ps.. Dont forget the game is on a Monday cause Catalan Elections on the Sunday.

Tuesday, November 9

Making chicks project

This morning Zareef pulled Zara over to a corner of his class. He asked Zara and me to keep quiet while approaching this incubator/heater thing. He said "shhhhhh... the eggs are sleeping". The class has this science project about hatching eggs. Interesting stuff. Most of the facts even I dont know (not saying much about my intelligence). The best thing about it, I asked Zareef when the chicks will hatch... With confidence and certainty he answered "Friday... Zareef dah kira dah". Lets see if its true.. but i reckon dia main tembak je teka.

ps... Stay tuned, I'll give an update if he got it right.

Note Wed: the first chick hatched today... Zareef salah!!

Monday, November 8

Riang gembira kalernyaa!!!

Got this pic over the weekend from Faz. We were really eager to see it and it didn't disappoint. Just felt happy looking at it and really brought a smile to us. Thanks Faz for the picture.

Thursday, November 4

Zareef the good boy... iyeke??

Zareef was showing me this league there are having at Pre-school. I was wandering why he was so eager. Apparently he was leading the others in a 'Good Behaviour League'. It made me proud to see it (good job zareef). Somehow it just doesnt fit on how he acts out at home... ni case dera mak bapak ni. But sebenarnya he is turning out to be a good boy. I thought the day will never come - those who saw Zareef growing up understands this (he was like the character stitch from the cartoon 'lilo & stitch' ). Alhamdulillah and we pray this continues for Zara and him so that they become good ppl. Insyallah.

"Theres no bigger success for us than making our children better ppl"

Saturday, October 30

Luggage claim

Took these pictures after taking the train to work yesterday. It was smack in the middle of Southern Cross Station. Looked huge from far but once you get closed you realize its a site office decorated with heaps and heaps of bags. I reckon its a good way to use unclaimed luggage.

Tuesday, October 26

Mamak Melbourne

The other day we went to a Mamak for lunch. Its about 5 minute tram ride and 10 minute walk from the office. Its called Rich Maha. The guys call it Richy (everything in ozzy slang ends with a 'y'). Owned by a Malaysian from Selangor (repressentttingg!!!). The food is just fantastic although I thought the staff were all from Mesia. Embarrassingly got it wrong when I talked in Malay but got the "whad a u talking about' shake of the head. We had tossai and mee goreng mamak.. with teh tarik to wash it all down. Loveddd ittt!!! very authentic. Will definitely make a point to go there more.

Kayuu??? syed??? pelita?? khalifah??..... lupa dah semua.. I only know Richies!! :p poyo sikit..

ps.. saja je sebab nak kurang rasa jeles at the food back in Mesia.

Geng Botak

A month ago.....
Zareef: Ayaahhh.. bila nak potong rambut ni!!!!

We have been holding out on the haircuts. Somehow I still think its expensive to get a haircut (around $15 for kids and around $20 for myself). So we decided to get a hair trimmer machine instead costing about the same as haircuts for Zareef and me.

We have this tradition since Zareef was born: if either one of us goes botak, the other will go along with it. Hence our new look. It wasnt easy with Zareef moving every second saying it was ticklish. Cutting my own hair wasn't a walk in the park as well especially without a mirror . After a half hour in the shower I realized theres still a big patch on top that didnt get trimmed. Argghh I had to start the process all over again. Bottom line cleaning hair is not fun.

At the end of the day, I reconsidered if all the trouble was worth the money I saved but then I look back at the pics we took.... yeah it was worth it.... we just looked too bloody good!!!!

lol.. heres our pics for ur amusement.....

Sunday, October 17

New love called Taylor

I rarely spend money on myself particularly on non-essential items. But this time just because and from hasil cucuk "Gel the guitar collector" I bought myself an acoustic guitar. Its a BT1 baby Taylor (I had always dreamed of owning one). Its very small (3/4) and cute. Sounds great and really mobile. I love it especially when I can play it lying down or slouching on the sofe and for it being so well made. Sitka spruce top and dreadnought shaped - very Taylor indeed. Looking forward to learn and playing for hours on it. Thinking of getting the kids into music too. Lets see how it goes.

4 Seasons in a Day

I knew that the weather is as predictable as Paklah's decisions - changes at every corner. But today is the first day we really experienced the freakishness of it. We had hail, snow (1 hour drive away), hot staring glare sun, real winds (not the gassy old man type) and downpour storms. Unfortunately its one of those day I had to take the train. And the funny thing is ppl in the train was dressed so differently. Some prepared for hot weather while some went totally the opposite and went with the layers. It just gets confusing

Sunday, October 10

My new version of 'Pelita'

"Pelita malam ni kul 9.42pm jom!!!"

I used to love getting this sms. It means a good night out with friends to discuss whatever mundane things in our lives. We used to have this 'board meeting' at Pelita seksyen 9 Shah Alam with the same culprits. Typically once a week. I liked it a lot cause it can be therapeutic and we share thoughts and insights on what we are going through. More heads are better than one kinda thing.

The other day the same mates gave me an SMS and FB message kinda inviting me to the usual 'pelita' session. Made me jeles in a way. So instead I went to Brunetti's. Its a pretty famous cafe in Lygon St. Lots and lots of cakes and fantastic drinks. Heres a few pics. Check it out.So now instead of "Jom pelita" I will go "Jom Brunetti's". LAYANNN!!

Monday, October 4

Things are looking brighter

The title explains what we are going through literally and figuratively. For once its getting sunnier and warmer. Spring is here. The flowers are blooming, birds are singing & I dont dread shivering taking my shower in the morning....... and yes i do take shower in the morning. The thing that surprised us was how fast the warm weather came. One day it was cold and gloomy then the next its like summer. The sun really bares down here. I was told the ozone was somehow thinner in and around this Southern region of the world due to pollution. So they believe and tell me. Thats why the green movement is big here. There is also a political party (the 3rd or so biggest) called green and yep ..... Melbourne's MP is a Green.

Sunburn is also a big issue. All kids got to have a hat while playing in school/kindy. You can see ppl with sunburn in every corner. Still jakun berjemur lagi and so forth. Ada sekali tu, we saw a lady tgh2 jalan jemur kat atas concrete parkway in front of a busy road. The taman was like across the street tapi nak jugak baring tunjuk body yg sangat voluptuous tu. Confident giler makcik gemuk tu ngan badan half naked dia. Always admired the self esteem of a fat lady.

Yeah on a figurative level, everything seems to be turning out ok. Alhamdulillah. There are hiccups and stuff but overall its all good. Work is great.. especially I still dont have that much responsibility yet. Enjoying it while I still can. Family are happy. Kids are cheery and playful not to mention healthy. Turning out very well especially the kids ngan slang diorang. They dont talk as much malay as they used to. Somehow I realize they tend to revert back to malay only during weekends after the break from other kids. The wife is also happy. Shes making good friends with her office mate. The have a lunch group already. I join them once in a while. Cant do it too often cause my lunch break is only 30 minutes. I dont complain cause I leave the ofis at 430pm.

So we started to do stuff again on weekends. Took a break during puasa/raya season. So heres a few pics of us enjoying the weather and exploring what Melbourne has to offer.

ps.. All my happiness is from the Almighty who I will always be eternally grateful. Insyallah.

Saturday, October 2

Sparkies @ Safeway

Raya is nearly over and yes we are kinda sad not 'raya'ing away. One thing that is associated with Raya is definately the bunga api. So when I saw this at the local Safeway it just shoots back the raya feeling.

Just wanted to share how funny it is when I had a hard time to find a place to buy bunga api when I was back in Mesia but now I can just get some down the road at a supermarket.

Tuesday, September 28

Tambah lah kolestrol

Heres a picture of my tasty lunch dessert. Its sooooo sweet I couldn't go all the way. Nice though. It was hot and crunchy on the outside and mushy and gooey in the inside. Have to eat it warm before it gets soggy. Its good, i'll buy it again but maybe when theres somebody i can share it with.

ps.. it might a good idea if anybody wants to start selling the stuff back in mesia

Saturday, September 25

To indulge or not?

Saw one of this poster in a 'fish and chaips' shop around Beacie depot. Still contemplating/considering going there this Monday to indulge in this sinful pleasure. Last time I had one of this was nearly 20 years ago back in Glasgow and I remembered how I loved it. Even had it with a snickers bar.

That does it!! Its happening this Monday. I'll tell you how it tastes.

Tuesday, September 21

Who do you barrack for?

Got asked this question a few times now. If you wanna really feel like an aussies especially a Victorian you got to have a footie team. I say Victoria cause although we call it 'aussie rule' but like 80% of the teams are from Victoria (and probably other states dont follow it too much). Practically all the prime suburbs have their own team (No wonder Melbourne is the sport capital of Ostrolia).

There is a lot of history in the game which goes back to more than a hundred years. You've got to respect that. I don't understand a whole lot of the whats in the news and all that but the actual game is not that hard to figure out. There's goals (6 or 1 points), marks, 4 quarters and so on but the technical/tactical part I still have to research/learn more to appreciate it. More story behind the scenes and rivalries are always the fun part. Little I know but one thing for sure Collingwood is so full of themselves (just like Man U in a way) and everybody else thinks their idiots but I have to admit they are pretty good and have the biggest fan base. Whenever I told the blokes I have yet to decide a team, everybody will say choose anything but Collingwood. Certain teams like Carlton represents the posh group, Hawthorn and the Saints represents the working class and so forth. It is interesting I can tell you that. People outside Victoria might make fun of it all but i assure you its serious in here.

The thing I admire most about the game is that it is a family thing. For example football/soccer, NFL, NBA and all that its more of a man thing but everybody follows footie. You can see a grandma going to a market with a Saints scarf and all that. I just meet a guy who just had a niece last week and we was already signing her up to his footie club. They are loyal to their team throughout their whole lives. So I emphasize again its very serious and I admire that.

So after all this, I have finally chosen a team and their playing this Saturday (aka Grande Final Day) against Collingwood. Wish us luck!!

"Who do you barrack for mate?"
The 'Saints'!!!!

Sunday, September 19

Slowing down on the blogging

Apparently we have been slow on our blogging. We realized we tend to use FB more to update to family and friends which was the whole point of our blogging. It is a whole easier too with the Iphone Apps that we got for us and for our circle of people. So I apologize if this site/blog will seem to slow down from now on. To those who know us, catch us on facebook. I guarantee a warm welcome.

Monday, August 23

I bet liberal will win

Its a neck to neck election this year which leads to a hung parliament. Its also scary that the fate of the government lies in about 5 independent politicians. 1 is enough to be untrustworthy let alone 5.
I'm betting the liberal win. Here are some of my amateurish views on why:

1. All mining counters closed higher in the the market leading to believe that mining tax and Gillard will be dropped.
2. If indeed mining men are like the oil men in the US, labour will go out like a bomb. They had enough power to get rid of Rudd.
3. SportsBet put up odds in the favor of liberal and we know they do their research diligently.
4. Both arent trustworthy, but labour proved to be wasteful. Which is a cardinal sin in this financial times. They just messed up the theory of "spending creates a healthy economy". Oz is not hard hit by the recession cause of its way of being conservative - and it works!!

But these views are from somebody who barely understands the politics here so please take it with a lot of salt and Green (just like the party which won the melbourne seat - the only green seat in parliment).

Wednesday, August 18


Its a little late but I would like to wish everybody a blessed ramadhan and would like to apologize for any wrong doings. It is the favorite month in my calender but this time around its a little different.

When back home I can really feel the excitement and peace that comes with the month. The pasar, the gathering during breaking fast and the cleansing feeling when going to terawih and praying. I'm not getting that much here now being abroad. Namely cause everybody else don't fast and doesn't understand why we are doing it after i told my OZ friends of Ramadhan and fasting. Apparently the guy that impressed me with his Ramadhan understanding was my course instructor that had just came back serving in the army from Afghanistan. He even knew when Ramadhan started before I told him.

It was kinda hard to explain about fasting and I had to emphasize that I'm doing it out of will instead of being forced upon. If anybody who is knowledgeable can better explain things please do tell me. Its not my area of expertise. Most people I talked to was thinking it was extreme to fast like we are. I beg to differ. So please help me in explaining.

All seriousness aside, being new to the area I still cant find a place to go terawikh. I know a few but they are so far away. I don't even know who to ask cause all of my muslim friends are not used to this area. I guess I can still terawikh at home but I would rather find a mosque/surau soon.

On a positive side, we break fast at around 540pm. Early right. Sometimes its too early and the food isn't ready yet. We had our share of opening fast with some chips in the car. I realize too that we dont eat that much to overcompensate like what we used to especially after visiting the pasar ramadhan and the buffet's.

Talking about buffet's and pasar... I sure do miss them. Although I can still get the laksa's and nasi lemak's here theres more I would like to get my hands on. Here is my dream list:
  1. Roti jala with rendang
  2. murtabak raja not the murtabak kedekut daging
  3. putu piring yg tak kedekut gula murah
  4. Tau foo fa yg brown bukan white
  5. popiah basah and goreng smothered in the sweet chili sauce.
  6. Apam Balik special - lots of jagung with chocolate toppings
  7. Keropok lekor ori nya dari Kuala Terengganu
  8. Butter prawn dari hotel Concorde Shah Alam
  9. Kuih pelita
  10. cucuk udang yg banyak udang and sos cili sedap and not watery.
Could write more but cukuplah.. I don't why I'm writing all this food down. I guess cause I'm waiting the time to break fast so start lah berangan. So you can imagine how annoying I can be when I'm hungry.

Enjoy the rest of Ramadhan everybody. May everybody be in peace. Salam

Sunday, August 8

Extreme Sport on Mount Hotham

Last weekend was a really great experience for us the Zazamazu's. We went to Mount Hotham Ski Resort. It was an awesome adventure but in Gel's words 'EXTREME'. Apart from the family there were 9 others . Iqbal the organizer/chief of the tribe, Suhayl the Jester with Hanom as sidekick/bik, Aina and sister Eli (i might gotten the name wrong) - Zuber sisters lah senang, Pyan the talented architect(direct words from Fariz Helmi) with wife Wani, and the ever good looking couple Jel and Eza.

Seeing that none of us had ever been to Mt Hotham (which is considered a more luxurious ski resort in Victoria comparatively) we (80% of it was from Iqbal's effort) did a lot of research and planning for the trip. Siap buat meetings and tons of email. It paid off cause if we didn't it wont be enjoyable or safe enough. Extreme lah katakan (yes.. your gonna see a lot of the word 'extreme'). First and for most... it took us 6-7 hours drive to the hotel/apartment. Extreme tak.. especially arriving at 230am. In my case, I took a half day and started in the rented car at 230pm so I was really tired after all that time in the car. Had to pickup everybody - wife (port melbourne), kids (Ormond), Gel(Heidelberg) and Eza (Doncaster). The drive was also a little stressful cause we had to rush and reach the bottom of the mountain before 12 midnight to get the snow chains at a rental shop. It's against the law to go up without chains in the car. Good reason too... you wont get anywhere without it.. being stuck and slippery... dangerous too.

The drive up was really scary. It was late, dark, slippery, snowing, windy and extremely foggy. Horror pikir balik. I wouldnt want to do it anytime soon. You know the feeling of slipping and sliding during brakes and turnings.. well we got a lot of that dah lah ngantuk giler (jeles dengar budak dengkur baik kat belakang) at the time. Plus the sesat and slow drive... adventure giler.

So after what seemed like ages, we reached Lawlers Apartment. The best located Apartment I believe in the whole resort - Good choice Iqbal. You can literally ski all the way down from the front doorstep. But the sucky thing was that booking only one apartment we got only one parking spot. So the other van had to park 3 km's down the road (thanks pyan for doing that). Traveling in snow, even a meter seems far. Unloading the stuff into the apartment was also considered a tough task. Everything seems harder and heavier especially walking up hill.

Once everybody was safe and sound in the apartment. We had snacks to get back our energy. The apartment was old but it was very well maintained. It has everything... even washers and dryers. Good cause we plan to cook and everything. So after settling in we slept while dreaming of snowboarding the next day.

Early in the morning, I was excited although with 3 hours sleep. Can't wait to play snow. So being a strategist that I am, I made sure I played with the kids first before I have my own snowboarding time. We made a few snow man and played with the sledges or known here as trabugan (or something that sounds like that). The kids didn't last long in the cold maybe abour 30-60 minutes only at a time. Maybe cause I didn't get them proper gear. Sorry. But I think they didn't mind. They had heaps of fun nonetheless. Ohh.. the frustrating thing about the whole thing was sometimes it took us longer to get dressed/undressed than to actually be outside.

So after some quality time with the family, I had some quality time with the snowboard. I ABSOLUTELY love to snowboard. It was the best thing that I did and most missed when I was in NY. When we were in the states, we went snowboarding every winter.. we even went all the way to Aspen, Colorado the Beverly Hills of snow. So after strapping up the board, I was super excited. Didn't even wait for the other guys. Sorry friends. I bought the lift tickets and down I went. What a feeling especially I found out I can still snowboard after 6-7 years on being dormant. AAAHHHH the feeling of freedom and rush. Wosshh Wissshhh going sideways feeling like a seasoned boarder.. best gilerrr!! but then KEDEBAPPP!!! Now I remember how much it hurts.... But I loved it and kept going for several rounds.

The trails were pretty hard, steep, fast and narrow in compared to the ones I have been to but it was still manageable. You tend to get lost too cause of the various branches of trails and more sky lifts than I can count. Another thing worth mentioning is that Mount Hotham Ski resort is on top of the mountain while most other resorts are bottom based. So getting to the right spot you started was also an adventure. It took me an hour to find the right trail (extreme lagi). Yup being lost and all I sometimes end up in the hard trails (black diamonds category). Thats when I tend to KEDEBAPPP most and learn to read the signs more diligently. Unable to see past 10 meters due to the snow storm wasn't helpful too. But the best thing of all was the snow was super fresh and powdery.

After all the snow play, everybody was exhausted. We didn't really do much that night apart from sharing stories, healing and feeding. Lots of bruises and aches. One story involved was about a run away snowboard. Apparently Iqbal lost and watch his snowboard fall into the bushes with despair. What bad luck... he has been unlucky the whole trip. Another story involves getting the snow patrol in a minor rescue mission but lets keep that confidential.

Moving to the next day, we played with snow again ... it was fresher due to the storm on thats still going on. After the play, I had to get the van. It took forever to get it. Had to get the shuttle bus to get to the car park. Rasa macam kat Alaska cause nobody else was around. Shoveling snow with my legs and fitting the snow chains was no easy task. After getting the van... we loaded our luggage on off we went home. The drive back was still a little scary but at least there were more cars on the road and we can actually see whats over the cliff. The astonishing thing was when we descended there wasn't any snow suddenly.. passed that snow barrier thing. The rest of the drive was nice but still we were cautious of the 'black ice' thing.

After the drive, we reached home around 5pm ample time to rilex for the coming week. I sent the rental van in the city and enjoyed my train ride home replaying the snowboard and snow experience feeling satisfied with the adventure.

If you realize I havent mention the cost of anything cause it was truly madly deeply expensive. It was more expensive than Aspen I reckon. But playing snow is priceless.

ps... so Zareef jangan cakap ayah tipu.. there is snow in Australia!!

Tuesday, August 3

Whats up indeed!!

Just had a conversation with a very dear friend (AZ) yesterday. I have always enjoyed our conversations (dah lah I found out dia start pergi Gym - that SOB dulu ajak jalan ke canteen pun malas). It somehow rekindles what I'm missing.Trust and bonded friendship which is build by years and years of putting up with each other. So to maintain that link I reckon we should swap stories in a way to catch up. So this is my part of sharing. Hope those who read will comment with theirs.

1. My birthday celebration - very modest with just the family celebrating. I quote Bo's post on my FB wall - "selalunya kita celebrate pergi dinner ke ape but kali ni ..... " Saja je nak bagi sedih but we did have cake. In actual fact we had 4 cup cakes. My self chosen/ordered present is still in the mail - bila lah nak dapat ni (I will definately write on it when I get it - lagi excited lagi lah lambat). Later that week, Gel and Eza visited us and we found out EZA and my birthday are close so the wife baked a cake. Unfortunately we had no candle so I downloaded a candle Iphone apps. To our surprise it worked - everytime you blow on it the flame does go out. Kids were happy and we were amazed on the power of Iphone apps.

2. We had other friends coming over which is always a delight. This time its Farah and Faiz. Brilliant TNB scholars.. pun intended. They are such a nice couple not to mention helpful. They were there to help us from the airport, give tips on everything, letting us use their address etc etc and we do very much appreciate it.

3. Melbourne Zoo - We taught that without seeing any koala's, kangaroos, wombats it doesnt mean much being in Oz. The day we went was a beautiful day although considered to be winter. The zoo is just 30minutes away. North of the city so the travel wasnt taxing either. All in all everybody had a good time. Kids love to see the animals. I took some really nice pictures. The wife enjoyed the nice weather. We were just a little disappointed cause most of the animals were sleeping and not animated at all. "tidurrr jeee animals ni.. boringlah" said Zareef. Another thing to add, the zoo was really beautiful. You can see ppl bringing in food and having picnics and all. Fantastic!! Oh yeah.. we found out what a wombat and wallaby look like. We loved the wombat cause it reminded us of "Ewok". Comel giler dah lah slow jalan.

4. Doing everything ourselves can be tiring. So we started to teach the kids to help out around the house. I hope this doesnt count as child labour.

5. Started meeting new friends. Linda was nice to have us for lunch. Shes into scrap booking just like the wifey. Baguslah ada gang. She has a son too near Zareefs age. She has a beautiful family and home. Dah lah dekat gak rumah diorang.

6. Went to Philip Island down south east of Victoria. Took us about 2-3 hours drive (the car engine went colder the more we drove cause of the cold air - power giler kereter merah kitorang). Lawa and very scenic. Went to the town (laid back near the beach), the wild life park (where u can feed the animals - went there cause kecewa ngan zoo the previous week or so), the nobis centre (cantik gilerrr with the rocks and tides), the penguin parade (tapi takde penguin - diorang naik malam. heard they come in the thousands) and the GP motor circuit. All in all, it was a beautiful place and a pleasant day trip. One thing about the wildlife park... the animals are over friendly sampai this emu nearly sprayed you know what at Zara. Dah lah bontot dia higher than Zara. Scary. Oh yeahh... there were $h!t all over the place but somehow it didnt smell bad just looked disgusting.

7 Mt Hotham. A ski resort up in the Victorian Alps. I would like to write more about this cause a special entry is needed with all the experience we had. But here are a few preliminary pics.

So thats a little bit on whats been going on in our lives. I hope this answers the calling of family/friends to update our blog. Till next time - Wasalam /Gday Mates