Tuesday, May 31

Visiting Dino's

The kids are into dinosaurs nowadays. We rather have them involved in dinos rather than 'lady gaga' or 'ben 10'. So we decided to have a visit to the dino show in the city so they can see 'real' like dinosaurs. Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, May 17

The first year in Melbourne - part 1

It has been a year since we arrived in Melbourne. How time flies. After each milestone or 'check ins' i always like to ponder back what we/I have done in that time. So this post is a summary of how our first year was in Melbourne

Struggle but surviving the change and moving. Still remembered how panicked i was before getting a house and a job. Stress giler especially financially. I realized how expensive and confusing Melbourne can be. Wouldn't do that again.

Zareef first birthday in melbourne was a real quiet one compared to the ones he has had before. We always had a party for our birthdays - any excuse to get together is a great excuse - those were the days. I have always wanted to get Zareef this present. In a way it represents a little why we moved here. couldn't even think of getting it before i got a job here.

My birthday was a damped one as well.. no complains i think when you past 18 you don't really want people to know how old you are

Little by little we started exploring our surrondings... From the zoo to the beaches to the markets to the parks... we started falling in love with Melbourne our new home...

Had a few gathering as well just to make sure we feell melayu and keeping to the roots..

Mt hotham was a real memorable expedition... had lots of fun and experiences there... the theme of that trip was 'extreemeee'.

Maz birthday wasnt that bad... we had lunch beside the yarra river.... it was lovely day too...

Puasa and raya came... we had the open puasa gathering and bunga api which I really appreciate.. but when raya came I was really sad cause I was drenched in oil instead of wuduk for sembahyang raya.... the only day i regret being here instead of Mesia... we also had the open houses which just bring backs home..

Thats it for now.. i'll write more later.

Sunday, May 15

Stunt Boy Zareef

On Easter Break we travelled to Sydney and visited a few interesting places including Darling Harbour. When we were there, a street performer wanted a volunteer from a crowd for his show. Zareef put his hand up and was chosen. He had good fun and loved it. We all had a good laugh and Zareef made us proud. Enjoy the video.

Sunday, May 8


I'm trying out a new blog cause it's not that convenient blogging thru blogspot anymore.... Still try and error... Let's see how it goes

Blogspot xx-NO GO-xx on iPad

Having this crappy problem with blogspot.. Apparently I can't type thru blogspot compose mode in iPad2 but only in HTML which makes it a whole lot harder. Ironically you wouldn't have the same problem with iPhones. Typing on iPad is painful enough, I couldn't imagine blogging on iPhones. After some researching the problem occurs cause google (blogspot owners) hasn't tweaked it's comp ability arrangement. It worries me cause iPad has been in the market for over a year now but googles seems not to be doing anything soon. There are apps out there such as blogpress which cost 3 bucks to support our blogging but it's just not good enough especiall when pics and movies are involved. Anyways being the cheap s.o.b. I am I refuse to pay for something I think should be free. Henceforth I'm trying wordpress instead. They have a f.o.c. App that seems to be user friendly enough especially thru the ipad2 Let's see how it goes..

Ps.. Yes I jakun sebab baru dapat ipad2 and trying to change my cyber world adapting to it. My ipad2 is necessary cause my household counterparts are hogging the house iMac. Excuses excuses

Ps part2..... Thinking back I shouldnt give excuses it's my moneyy what!!! So say me before paying the credit card bills.

Sunday, May 1

Credit card for a ride?

This is the first time I saw a credit card machine for a ride. First thought through my mind was how desperate some business are in these trying times. Good luck anyways to you but I don't think I'll be swiping my card any time soon for it.