Wednesday, June 23

French toast, french fries etc etc

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh tension gua. Bengong nya French football team. Buat malu and malu and tambah malu. Whyyy so spoilt and mengada2. Main bola pun susah ke. Main je ah sungguh2. Kalah takpe asalkan u did it professionally. Eeeeiiii memang rasa nak headbutt je sekor2.

I dont know who to blame and for what reasons cause there are so many and I am just so frustated:-

  1. Henry - handball last qualifying jadi tak berkat.
  2. Anelka - main ejek mak lak. dah kau tak efficient kena ah sub. terima ah kau tak deliverr
  3. Evra - tak charisma langsung jadi leader.
  4. FFF - politics and publicity je tahu. hampeeehh!!
  5. Dominic - all the above. baik awal2 lah kau retire. lame duck!!

I can accept they sux but this is just plain embarrassing at the highest level.

Balik masak french toast lahh!!!!!!

ps... going into the world cup i always knew it was a fools hope to support france. Loyal and kenangan Zidane lah ni. I dont think i will supporting france anytime soon.

Tuesday, June 8

The ozzy dream part 4

With Jel's batman mobile we had a chance to view houses. The general rule is to know which suburb you want to move into. Then find a real estate agent in the area or check out several sites like or where all the owners and real estate agent advertises. Choosing a suburb was not an easy task cause its really important for registering schools, upbringing of kids, groceries, safety and public transport. Ohh... melbourne suburbs are enormous although the city (CBD = central business district) is small. Reading somewhere that the best suburbs are located south east of Melbourne we focused generally there which I believe is a good idea. Its nearer to the beach, several shopping areas and good schools. The only downside is that most Muslim community and schools are up north.

The house hunting task was enjoyable if you weren't in a hurry like us. Its nice to inspect all the houses and neighborhoods. Some are realllyyy nice but a few rundowns. The agents wont even layan if you havent inspect the houses and the inspections are on a schedule. Sometimes when you view houses there would be like 10 others just like you. So our strategy was to offer 3 months advance payment to up our bid being jobless, new and all. It worked perfectly. The agent taught us a few tricks to sweeten the deal like writing a cover letter, informing that we still owned a house back home, submitting our bank statement and extra collateral. Alhamdulillah God helped us cause we got the first house we viewed (we viewed more than 15 houses) and applied (applied 2 and got both... baru nak apply yang lain tapi agent dah confirm kata dapat). Its our 2nd choice out of all the houses we viewed but we really love the house. Its been nearly 3 weeks and we still love it just that we wished more furniture but that can wait until we paid all the debts as for now we are all set. We also think we made the right choice by seeing the lovely comments on the pics on facebook.

After a few days with Jel's bat mobile we started to feel guilty (Kesian Jel siap naik bas pergi kerja for a few days. Thanks bro) and rented our own car. A nice blue Mitsubishi gallant. Zareef suka giler kata macam transformers. Semua kereta kilat and baru dia cakap transformers. The plan was to rent for a couple of days (to beli perabot and stuff for the new house) but we ended up renting it for a whole week. I calculated on the 4th day that the weekly rates were cheaper with the renting of the baby seats and all. Yes you have to rent baby seats for kids below 7. Serious giler about the rules again and the baby seats for jenis yang bolt to the back seat sandar tu.

So apart from 'tengok2 je' from one shopping mall to another, we took the chance to visit several playgrounds, St kilda beach, riverside and travel in the city. Sometimes we got lost but its all fun (thanks jel for the GPS.. tapi kadang2 argue gak ngan info gps ni) cause you explore more when you get lost. Another thing, everybody here has a Melway book. Its a big directory and maps and sometimes you look up a address in sites or booklets you see them referring it to Melway pg X and grid Y. Compulsory to have but it'll cause you $50. We love it cause its soooo detailed.

After the week is up we had to return the car and its back to the public transport. Before doing that we pretty much covered what needed to be done. We even tried to find a car way up in Carworld, Richmond (about an hours drive). Its like 10 dealers joined together to set up the place. Big and various of cars but we didnt get one cause convincing the ladies was not an easy task. Maybe it was for the better cause I was rushing it. Hate to move around with the kids on public transport. Zareef suka sangat buat perangai especially when Zara joins in. Tension and embarrassed in front of people. But we survived and alhmadulillah we had recently got our car.

About shopping a few tips on what we learned. All the washer, dryers fridge i think the cheapest place is Good Guys (first hand) cause they give 60days guarantee if you find it cheaper anywhere they will pay you the difference. Siap kalau bayar cash dapat discount (macam kat mesia) but tech stuff like TV's rasanya Dick's lagi murah. Baju2 simple you should try Big W, Target and K-Mart. Perabot seperit biasa Ikea. Groceries kat Coles and Safeway (macam giant and tesco). Dont buy a mobile phone if you plan to get a post paid plan instead sign up and ask for a phone and you have to top up a little per month. We got an iphone each (always wanted one) with telstra cause kitorang amik home bundle package and it comes cheaper and intercalls are free. So our Mobile, Foxtel (macam astro), Land line and Bigpond (macam streamyx) semua under Telstra. Figuring out what company/brands and packages was hard especially dia ada lock-in contract semua. So just something to share and we might not be so optimal in our choices.

About the car, our very very very helpful (just ask anything and he makes sure we settled in well in every way) Sri lankan neighbor (we really like the guy + family) introduced a friend who was a mechanic (sri lankan too) and got us a nice red nissan pulsar. Its cheap and runs very smoothly just the inside looks really old. Bought our baby car seats, registered with VicRoad and were are all set. Even got it insured over the phone although I havent paid anything yet. Senang asalkan bayar bak kata Jel.

Loyalty Card

So the only thing left to do is put the kids in daycare which is costing us a bomb but good to know the Centrelink will be paying nearly half (jobless lah katakan). Maz has already started working so at least ada income lepas ni.. takdelah bleeding cash and I can stop being so kedekut. After Zareef goes to school (very near the train station that we will be using everyday) the worldcup will start. All in perfect timing. Zara will still be at home until I confirmed a job. Insyallah I will hear the confirmation soon from SPausnet. Met the boss (his from PJ.. small world huh) and he said he is recommending me and I have to wait to be called for the medicals. Insyallah everything will turn out fine. We will work hard for it and tawakal saja pada tuhan. Insyallah.

So thats about it. Any questions you are free to fire away. Sebab ada kawan tu tanya awek2 kat sini cun tak and my answer is Yessss!!! ada banyak variations and stylo2 especially dekat city but whatever it is I think Maz paling cun lah.

Friday, June 4

The ozzy dream part 3

Where was I... oh yeah kerja giler datang negara orang takde kerja and takde rumah. So what we did was go all out with the settling down thing and we were very lucky/thankful that we had superb helpful friends = farah, Idwal, Jel & Sheri. From borrowing cars, teaching how to move around publicly to tumpang address untuk register semua... they helped out as in the best of their abilities. Thanks guys from the bottom of our hearts.

A little bit more on Malaysian Hall before moving to other things. Once we got to know a little more about the people they kinda warmed up tapi still kinda reserved jenis takut orang mintak tolong lebih2 kinda thing. So a few days later we found out yang sebenarnya ada internet kat hall (after trying to join the permanent residence network - they gave me "ask the ustad cause ni untuk permanent je") I asked the ustad about being online. Dia kata ada tapi kat depan ni je (patutlah takde signal dalam bilik and of course we didnt try in the freezing living room) and the password dia bagi dalam bentuk teka-teki which was "password dia adalah rukun negara ke empat... haa jawablah". Either he was being a smart-alec or testing my nationality but it really rubbed me the wrong way. Anyways after finally being online baru senang sikit nak buat benda lain especially cari rumah which was our main priority mau2 tahu nak kena halau very soon. Soon we were spending a lot of time in the living room which was next to the dining area and where the permanents normally had their dinner. Which looked awesome and stuff. Really wished we could join them not having a car and trouble finding food and stuff.

A few days passed and being friendly paid off especially masa I ikut sekali tahlil. Terus senang sikit mintak info and stuff. That is when I asked nicely the ustad and he said he can extend our stay to another week and we should join the dinner plan. The first best thing that happened to us in Oz. We only paid $7 per head for dinner and the food is absolutly fantastic. Masakan malaysia and pelbagai. Me being not so worried after the extension stay ate like a cow. Sedap gilerrr!! terliur pikir balik. The students at hall gets a really good deal. Another interesting part the hall had just recently been extended. Although kitorang dicampakkan kat tempat lama (horror and senang hilang) the new wing is really nice and modern. Siap lampu pakai sensor kalau nak on and the built in sink drinkable hot water. Magic kata zareef. Punyalah modern the TV automatically turns on every early morning. I realize the chinese news channel every morning masa nak amik air sembahyang.

We had a lottt of things to be done. Macam2 peraturan lah kat sini and extra complicated cause its a whole new system. Example ehh.. kalau kita nak top up prepaid kita register and top-up and straight away guna. Sini kena pilih package from like 10 choices and nama2 pelik and charges giler beza mauttt!! I think we choose wrongly cause less than 2 days our $30 credit habis and paling shocking the standard rates from mobil to mobil is like 90cents a minute siap connection fee semua. Giler mahal and saja nak complexkan benda yg tak complex. Tu baru phone not medicare, family assistance, tax, centrelink but we had to learn it fast. Still learning but once you see the procedures its really good and stuff. The only thing is that when you figure out what to do, doing it is easy. Just a call or apply online and stuff but like what Idwal said when you get started its like the chicken and egg thing. Example to rent a house you should have a good testimony from your previous landlord/agent. How can you that if your new. Not only that you should have referees. Kinda hard if you dont know anybody and to apply for a post paid phone you should have a permanent address and all that. Its actually good but very tedious but once your all settle down its real easy.

Aaahh.. another little shock we had was comparing things to the states. We always kinda ass-u-me it would be like the states but not really. Things are more expensive here. You dont have fast food everywhere for starters. The system is also different. Like I said I am pro american system and i believe its a lot easier in the states. Example in the states you can buy calling cards at every corner to call Mesia but here I have yet to find any instead they have service providers (Lebara macam digi) that has great rates 1cent per minute to Mesian fix lines.

Enough of the compare and learn thing. Knowingly it was a near impossible task to find houses without a car, Jel was real nice to lend his car a few days to us. A nice sporty car one which can only fit 2 people. MR2 i think. Ohhh driving in Melbourne is weird. Hook turn = you have to keep left to turn right. Dont believe me look it up. The trams in the middle of the roads are also tricky. Sometimes we share roads, sometimes we dont. It goes with the bicycles as well. They have trafic lights for trams, cars and bicycle. They split roads and to turn left you would have to choose the right lane 1km back and certain lanes go different directions based on the rush hour. Sounds daunting. It is but it works and makes everything convenient, reliable, efficient and safe.

Oh no.. the batteries are running out. Will write more tomorrow. Till then come on socerroos and les blues. Keep an eye on Benzema