Thursday, October 18

Hek elahh!! posing lak!!

Ada ke patut linesman posing gambar ngan player half time.. tak kisah messi ke.. mana boleh!
Macam mana lah org tak benggang.. obvious giler tak fair!!

Wednesday, October 17


Had a great time at Vic Mart last sunday. Beautiful day with heaps of malaysian food. Coconut and 1 hr wait satay was the highlight. The coconut brings back memories and tasted like chocolate somehow.

Wassup murtabak

Loved this murtabak at Zam Zam Singapore. Representing!!


Went back to Malaysia the other day and took this photo at the same spot with the hommies. What a blessed life.

Friday, October 12


Finally got authorized for Powercor. Playing with the big boys now. No more slip ups. Ass cover mode ON. Guns fully loaded. Bullshitter in action.

Alll the way baby !!!!!!!!

Oooppaa poyo stylee!!!