Sunday, April 10

Website Imigresen hampeh!

Hampeh tul website imigresen ni!!

The other day I had to do some stuff concerning the immigration department. I usually go to the Shah Alam branch in PKNS but I was staying at KD so I decided to check the site to go to the nearest branch instead. I looked at the site (as in the pic above) and was happy there is a branch in Subang Airport which was only 10-15 minutes from KD. Glad I dont have to go to Shah Alam which will take about 15-20 minutes more to get there.

Ahaaaaa!! there was the mistake. Assuming all things are tepat jitu dan efisyen doesnt really flow well when it comes to some stuff. When I got to the subang airport, it took me a while to find the exact location because there wasn't any immigration department (you can only see bekas2 paint colour imigresen - hijau buruk2 sikit). Dah lah dah kena bayar parking tak pasal2! Asked the guy at the stalls there where the immigration was he said "Dah lamaaa dah tutupp bang!!" while giving me the 'what kind of question was that' look. Stress giler!! To top it off I wasn't alone, there were 4 other families trying to locate the same "ghost" immigration department. After telling them they moved we shared resources and found out the nearest one was the Kelana Jaya branch in Plaza Glomac.

Pusing kiri lepas nampak Petronas was the directions I got from them. Beraper banyak Petronas daaa kat Kelana Jaya. Got lost obviously - Plaza Glomac besar babe! When I reached the branch I was happy to see not a lot of people. Queued up to get the borang and number. Brother yg jaga counter said "Encik, kat sini buat passport je... encik kena pergi pusat damansara". Ahhhhhh tension nye diri kuu time ni. Tambah lagi tension when I was leaving Plaza Gomac I had to pay again for parking.

Pusat Damansara was the worst, full of people and kerek je org kat counter. I had to wait 45 minutes just to get a number and ask about the forms. Sakit hati giler with the macha that jaga the counter, with every question i asked dia jawab "Tak payah - dont have to" eventhough I didn't even get to finish my questions. Rasa macam tumbuk je mamat tu. I looked at my number and I was like the 20th in line. Oklah I went down minum jap. Came up after 30 minutes... and walllaaaaa the que just moved by 1. Beautiful .. just beautiful!!! went down again for another 30 minutes. and yet again it moved by just 1. So based on this I will get serviced by midnight. I give up... it just smacked back all the frustration I had ever felt when running errands like this. So I just left and decided to think about it the following day. 'Rugi giler hari ku' was my first thought. Oh yee Parking lagi kena bayar! bestnya business parking ni

The next day went to Shah Alam and everything went perfectly. Really perfectly, it took less than 1 hour and I was out of there. So lesson learn, when all fails to go Shah Alam imigresen, if you want to go get a passport you can do it at Plaza Glomac branch (be sure of the location, jangan risau minyak sebab stesen petronas banyak), if you have the whole day to waste and want to feel insulted or treated like sh!t go to Pusat Damansara and the most importantly Subang Airport branch is the best sebab tak ramai orang and your always the first in line!!

Wednesday, April 6

Stankovic's goal!!

What a Goal!!! Love ittt. Absolutely beautiful and skillful. Amazing.

ps.. although i consider great goals as unstoppable goals which is not the case for this one but I love it all the samee

Don't You - Darren Criss

The wife and kids really love this song so I thought of putting it in the blog. I was shocked when Zara started singing this song when I was just randomly playing the Itunes. Zareef can sing along too. See how Mothers who likes Glee influences the children. So not feeling Ieft behind I better catch up and learn this song too.

Enjoy the song!!


Wasn’t that a funny day.
Gee you had a funny way, a way about you
A kind of glow, of something new

I’ll admit that I’m the same
Another sucker for a game kids like to play
And the rules they like to use

Don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel for you

The sun…
Telling me the night is done
I refuse to let it - stop our fun
Close your eyes and make it dark again.

And kiss…
There’s a thought so how ‘bout this
Let’s pretend that both our lips are made of candy
After all we need sweets every now and then

Don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel for you

Here we are two strangers in a very different place
Who knows what will happen…to us next
Here we are with nothing but this little spark
It’s too cold outside to lay this fire to rest

How so very apropos
A goodbye just as soon as I said hello
Oh all right, I'll see you later

It’s true…
It’s just a fantasy for two
But what’s the difference if it all could have been true
I guess this is better,

But don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel for you

Oh don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel
Don’t you want the way I feel for you
Don’t you want the way that I feel for you

Tuesday, April 5

New Camera.. Nikon D7000

I mention things were cheaper in Mesia especially for electronics and camera. I always put my money where my mouth is (so i believe) so I bought myself a new Camera. A new Nikon D7000. It had great reviews from all the pro's and sites and it was dirt cheap in my opinion for the quality its giving. RM3350(body only) a deal breaker indeed compared to the prices here. Somehow I was lucky too cause the day I asked about it a G-1 Amcorp Mall the tauke smiled as said "u tahu org ka?? ini hari baru nikon suruh turun harga D7000". I berlakon macam tahu bagus je lah cause nanti mana tahu benda lain I can get cheaper.

Highlights of the camera is the video recording, the cmos sensor, 39 focus point, my menu, U1 + U2 user settings, motored (my D3000 takde motor so lens mahal2), size kecik but feel macam pro, all in all a bargain of things for the price paid. And better yet i think my 35mm f1.8 is a great partner with the d7000. I'm sooo happy with it I dont think i'll be needing to upgrade a camera in the next 5 years (biting my tongue a bit here).

So thanks Amru, Din and Fariz for giving me advise/cucuk me to buy it. A special thanks to Amru for suggesting the lens and teaching a few tips.

I'll try and upload a few pics later when I get real nice shots.

Oh yee... I just told the wife about it and she was cool about it. Who says you cant make everybody happy.... JIWANG CAMERA LAGI SEBENARNYA....

New Look + Starting again

Its been a while since the last entry. I dont want to give lame stories or excuses behind it (and no... my absent posting is not due to the tragic 5-0 loss which many may think). But i do admit it was tragic. Patah hati sampai sekarang. Dah lah league macam nak kalah gakkk!!..

Soooo... moving on, I changed the look of the blog. Still not the look i'm looking for, if I have time i'll try to make it better but its just to show my initiative to blog again especially SHARING STORIES OF US TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

I just got back from Mesia and there were so many stories to share with them and I realized how much the people close to us care for our family. It kicked my blogging bum to get back to writing in a subtle way. I would try and make blogging a routine I promised myself.

So just to sum up what i did in Mesia:

  • Me Mom wasnt well, had to go to the hospital and spend time with her when she was home. I always try to keep my promise of taking care of the people I love/care, and My mom is among the top in the list. I always feel sad being so far away and hearing she is not well. My dad is getting old too and although he tries to show how fit he is, I know he is getting tired. I really do appreciate what my lil sis Wawa and Bibik taking care of them.
  • Visit Family and Friends - I tried to visit as many as I can. A week is not that long so I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to meet some people. Had a blast and really felt happy to catch up with people. This the thing I miss most.

  • Eat - Food, food and more food. For the first few days I ate like there was no tomorrow but afterwards I just think I had an Overflow feeling and slowed down dramatically. You cant eat everything in the world (my thinking might defer from Wafi - but thats Wafi). Highlight food was the Kampung Gombak food, teh lapis, roti canai Raju & kueh teow FAM

  • Sight Seeing - KL seems to change a lot in a little time. Either that or I was just katak tempurung when I was there. Yeah I think I am a katak tempurung cause Genting pun tak pernah pergi. The drive to Genting was nice (thanks geng for bringing me), although it was a little run down, I think Genting is kinda nice. Changkat was also very nice too. I still can't stand that French guy being suprised to see a Malay in Changkat. U ingat Changkat tu kat Eropah ke?
  • Shopping - Did a little of this. Although KL is not as cheap as I remembered it was still affordable to buy stuff. Got stuff yg memang susah nak dapat in Melbourne like telekung, sejadah etc2. Electronics/camera pun murah in KL. Baju Benzema je tak jumpa. Sekarang dah menyesal tak beli. And thanks everybody that bought our family stuff. They love it.
Thats about it I think, I hope this entry will be among the many that will come. Thanks for visiting and do leave a comment (positive ones alright!!) especially if your family and friends.