Tuesday, September 28

Tambah lah kolestrol

Heres a picture of my tasty lunch dessert. Its sooooo sweet I couldn't go all the way. Nice though. It was hot and crunchy on the outside and mushy and gooey in the inside. Have to eat it warm before it gets soggy. Its good, i'll buy it again but maybe when theres somebody i can share it with.

ps.. it might a good idea if anybody wants to start selling the stuff back in mesia

Saturday, September 25

To indulge or not?

Saw one of this poster in a 'fish and chaips' shop around Beacie depot. Still contemplating/considering going there this Monday to indulge in this sinful pleasure. Last time I had one of this was nearly 20 years ago back in Glasgow and I remembered how I loved it. Even had it with a snickers bar.

That does it!! Its happening this Monday. I'll tell you how it tastes.

Tuesday, September 21

Who do you barrack for?

Got asked this question a few times now. If you wanna really feel like an aussies especially a Victorian you got to have a footie team. I say Victoria cause although we call it 'aussie rule' but like 80% of the teams are from Victoria (and probably other states dont follow it too much). Practically all the prime suburbs have their own team (No wonder Melbourne is the sport capital of Ostrolia).

There is a lot of history in the game which goes back to more than a hundred years. You've got to respect that. I don't understand a whole lot of the whats in the news and all that but the actual game is not that hard to figure out. There's goals (6 or 1 points), marks, 4 quarters and so on but the technical/tactical part I still have to research/learn more to appreciate it. More story behind the scenes and rivalries are always the fun part. Little I know but one thing for sure Collingwood is so full of themselves (just like Man U in a way) and everybody else thinks their idiots but I have to admit they are pretty good and have the biggest fan base. Whenever I told the blokes I have yet to decide a team, everybody will say choose anything but Collingwood. Certain teams like Carlton represents the posh group, Hawthorn and the Saints represents the working class and so forth. It is interesting I can tell you that. People outside Victoria might make fun of it all but i assure you its serious in here.

The thing I admire most about the game is that it is a family thing. For example football/soccer, NFL, NBA and all that its more of a man thing but everybody follows footie. You can see a grandma going to a market with a Saints scarf and all that. I just meet a guy who just had a niece last week and we was already signing her up to his footie club. They are loyal to their team throughout their whole lives. So I emphasize again its very serious and I admire that.

So after all this, I have finally chosen a team and their playing this Saturday (aka Grande Final Day) against Collingwood. Wish us luck!!

"Who do you barrack for mate?"
The 'Saints'!!!!

Sunday, September 19

Slowing down on the blogging

Apparently we have been slow on our blogging. We realized we tend to use FB more to update to family and friends which was the whole point of our blogging. It is a whole easier too with the Iphone Apps that we got for us and for our circle of people. So I apologize if this site/blog will seem to slow down from now on. To those who know us, catch us on facebook. I guarantee a warm welcome.