Sunday, May 31

Pirates of the Kuala Kubu Baru part 3

Lets start where we left off... Feeling cool seeing what we went through

So when you see the pictures back or just look back you'll feel how the heck we got passed that. Certain rapids had small openings where you go over more rocks than water but we did. Honestly, the guides were the cool ones. They knew what to do and how to approach everything. Once they knew that we will never get through, they asked us to jump out and they went through it themselves (pulling and lifting the raft). Badan Nanyang and Tez sekeping but boy were they strong.

There was one rapid they let us hanyutkan diri. When we parked our raft on the sides (that time pun ada helicopter lalu usha what we were doing), they will walk us up the rapids and teach us how to go through it. I went through it twice while some tak pergi langsung (Agus - takut air tul! macam kambing). Tutup hidung (taknak bagi air masuk) and kaki depan (kick off the rocks) was important tapi kalau bontot tak langgar batu tak sahnye lah. The other good thing, they will be there on top the rocks taking our pictures. It goes for other rapids too. Smart huh!! Selling the pics CD's for only RM3. Cant beat that anywhere in the world. RM3 for once in a lifetime pics. Org lain mesti dah ketuknye!

Other rapids were amazing especially one called 'chicken drop' (sape yg drop to kira ayam lah kot). It was a 4.5 class rapid. Unfortunately, Mr. Crabs raft had 4 casualties (1 guide, Shahrul, Lukman, Pakli). More unfortunately i wasnt able to see it and make fun of them. After interviewing them about it, here are the kesimpulannya.

Intention terkeluar raft: Saja2 je.. nanti boleh ceriter kat kawan2. (ketulenan niat masih belum dipastikan)
Salah sapa: Shah tolak!
Sapa hebat: Agus gak! i still cant believe dia boleh angkat shahrul (100kg vs 50kg). shahrul pulak berterima kasih ngan ejek cara agus called his name (agus memang sengau sikit) saying nasib baik bukan malaikat maut.
Lesson learned: Jgn panik.. walaupun muka time tu cuak giler
What to do: Baca syahadah kalau dah kena air (shahrul lulus), appreciate kecantikkan sungai walaupun dah takde nafas, jerit lebih2 untuk meng'happening'kan keadaan (kononnya.. and bukan pasal takut/panik).

After all the rapids, we had a break at a waterfall. Cantik and sejuk air dia. I even had a taste. sedap.. boleh buat air mineral. We also had a light snack... never knew uncle toby's can taste that good (penat and lapar lah katakan). Adalah a few of us cuba meditate (alah2 menuntut silat) under the storming water. Felt great, better than any jacuzzi cuma sejuk je. After hanging out and sharing stories (time ni lah crew Mr. Crabs ceriter pasal overboard) i felt jeles yg our sponge bob crew takde yg tulen2 overboard. So i decided then i pun nak overboard lah! (keeping the intention to myself).

So we went on and yes i went overboard the first chance ade rapid yg ganas sikit. Rasa best... ada menggelabah, adrelin rush, tertelan air, test swimming skills and so forth lah. Haziq was there to pull me up. (ungkit lepas tu.. dia kata 'i save ur life man!'). Even Mr. Crabs crew witness me fall out. Tapi ngan macho nye i answered 'saje2 je... nanti boleh ceriter kat kawan'. I guess nobody bought my reasons because of my all willing poyoness.

Later on there was only one rapid left. You can here it about half a km away sounds like a jet engine or a factory machine but unlike the others u cant see it from upstream. Rasa macam one of those waterfall dalam cartoons. Tenang je and then drop. Nanyang was being very quiet about it. Sekali tengok memang dia niat nak capsize kan kitorang there. Once we were on top of the drop. Dia jerit the famous last words "OVER RIGHTTTT". I was thinking apehal right ni...dah nak terjatuh dah ni.. suddenly sedar2 je everything was white and my eyes/nose/ears/mouth and other holes were filed with water. Pandai betul org asli ni buat surprise. kitorang lak gullable sangat but thats what we paid for and we think we got our moneys worth. Saje to make Mr. Crabs crew jeles... diorang lagi sekali tak dicapsizekan due to the ketumpatan masing2.

After the capsize.. we floated all the way to the exit point. It felt like 1km or so. time ni romantic2.. pegang2 tangan while floating away. The wifey said kalah romantic venice. Yg takde pasangan tu.. tengok jelah (hazman jeles and desperate) and some couldnt be bothered pun tinggalkan bini (agus, shahrul + shah). Bakar sikit bagi wife2 semua jeles.

Once we got off, we were greated with hot nasi lemak/sandwich/coffee etc.. it felt heavenly. makan tak ingat dunia and seperti biasa wafi first sekali mencekik. Layann gilerrr makann!! kesian the later ppl yg makan mesti tak cukup. Bagus strategy kita untuk makan dulu! later on we washed up, took pictures, bought the CDs and said our goodbyes to the organizer and guides. The ride back home was fun too because we played the typical travelling games naming ppl/buah/country/tv show starting with a specific alphabet. 1 hour or so later we reached Shah Alam and decided to minum dulu at White House Coffee in section 9. After saying goodbyes and stuff we all went home tired, satisfied, happy and full of stories to tell our loved ones.

Personally it was a great experience and ranked as highly fun in my books. Terus lupa all the stress at work, home, life and so on. Battery booster betul. I promise this won't be the last expedition i am having. Maybe next time pergi camping kot at tampin. i'll float the idea around and see what i can come up with. i apoligize for the long read but i hope you enjoyed our story.

Pirates of the Kuala Kubu Baru part 2

Where was i... Hand signals..

So the best part of this hand signals was the signal for 'are u ok?'. They way you do it is to make ur hands macam "ooo-somm burung" or "suap nasi" and then tap the top of your head. So imagine when 30 of you doing it... macam nak ajak satu kampung burung datang makan kutu rambut. Apart from the hand signals, they taught us how to us the helmet, paddle and life jacket. Memandangkan some of us are big headed, a few had trouble finding the right sized helmet. Pasang terbalik pun tak muat jugak like shahrul and lukman. They pakai terbalik so nak cover their big heads kot. Shah and Wafi dah lah gebu2 comel2.. u add another life jacket terus jadi michelin-man or maybe a glimpse of what they would look like in 10years time without dieting. Have to say Agus and Pakli still maintain figure. Damn.. sekepengs!

To familiarize with the paddles and instructions, we played a game catching paddles to left or right based on commands. Sabotajing each other was how some of us got through. example: lukman baling paddle to the ground before lari to the next or some of us just holds on to the paddles leaving no available paddles for some like shafik (rasanya lukman was guilty of this too). After all this, it was time to get on the raft. 6 of us to a raft. Our guide was the crossed eyed named Nanyang (nasib baik takyah eye-contact sangat) and another was called Tez. They were great. Hebat giler org asli ni!

Our raft was nicknamed Sponge Bob and the other geng's was Mr. Crabs. Sponge Bob crew was maz, shafik, man, haziq, faz and myself (ringan2 and agile je crew ni). While the other one was all the heavy weights Shahrul, Wafi, shah, lukman and pakli while there was one papan called Agus. Walaupun dah offset ngan Agus, seems like Mr. Crabs raft was overloaded so angin raft kena adjust a few minutes into the rowing (not surprising.. not surprising at all).

When we started out, some of us had problems following instructions. To me, Nanyang pelat sangat. E.g. 'Overleft' sounded like 'overlap'. faz and haziq way in front couldnt hear. So time tengah mengelabah kena back paddle dioarang rilex je forward paddle sedangkan batu besar depan mata. Haziq memang susah ikut instructions pun lagi2 ada alasan tak dengar.

I forgot to tell you that the water was perfect (suam2, fresh, clean), jungle was great, sun was bright just heated enough to dry us but not burn us (apart from maz... letak mentol study pun maz sunburn.. she looks like a ripe tomato now). I've been to NY rafting expedition and it was never this good. So Malaysia does rock!!! and Malaysia memang boleh!! The company handling this (PieRose) was just great - professional, fun, organized, friendly and cool ppl). One of those few things i can brag to my non-malaysian freinds. Our rafting rivers are better than yours.

So first 10 minutes dia bagi practice ikut instructions. We had to directional paddle, move around on the raft and so on. Lepas to dia bagi capsize one time bagi minum air sikit. kalau nampak putih (awan) just go up, kalau kuning (bawah raft) crawl sideways out of the raft Paling penting jangan panik. Takde nafas pun jangan panik (teory jelah.. sape tak panick). Raft Mr. Carbs unfortunately tak practice capsize. i sincerely believe the guides were worried takleh nak angkat badak air sekor2 tu.

Our first challenge was a level 3 rapid (i couldnt remember all the rapid names..too excited). There they named a big rock "batu bapok" because one raft full of bapoks (no offence to any bapoks.. includes you lukman) were thrown out after hitting it. Coincidently behind the big rocks, you can see a cliff that looks like a face. (pikir balik it looked like hazman..hahahaha). We tackled the rapid ngan suspens sekali but "tak panik". Semualah tak panik. It was cool after you see the rapids from downstream what you just went through. Rasa macam power je!

gtg again.. to be continured

Pirates of the Kuala Kubu Baru part 1

Its been a year since we first heard of the white water rafting activity in Kuala Kubu. Since hari raya 2008 actually when wafi told us and promised to organize an outing for the rest of us. Old story.. but wafi tak buat2 pun :p. Bz man sekarang since his new posting in MISC (yg betul2 handle lanun) ceo's office (org penting).

Nonetheless, i berjaya convince some friends/panglima/hulubalang to take up our lanun(rafting) challenge. There were 12 hulubalang's yg berani menyahut cabaran ada berani: Monsterous Maz, Horor Hazman, Hantunya Haziq, Furious Faz, Spanking Shafik, Shahrul Sparrow (adik jack sparrow), Flying (Sinking sepatutnya) Dutchman Wafi, Loco (giler) Lukman, Scary Shah, Alamak Agus, Powernya Pakli and lastly Panglima Gagah Perkasa Zul. FYI, yuran lanun challenge ini adalah rm180 tidak termasuk insurance (semua tak takutkan nyawa)

Berdasarkan treasure map yg dibekalkan kami perlu berkumpul di kuala kubu post office at 9am. so we decided to gather at pelabuhan may first (shahruls house) at 730am lepas tu tolak beramai naik van scooby-do shahrul (color je tak ranggi) and shah's pickup ninja turtle (bekas pizza banyak). Walaupun dutchman wafi sudah sms "bro.. aku pukul 6 dah bangun" he still was the last one to arrive at 745am eventhough kalau jogging rumah dia only takes 2 minutes (yes 2 minutes .. even wafi yg jog). Wafi had to by breakfast for the house (family man + responsible). Sometimes we wonder pasal apalah wafi takde girlfriend.

Going there was an eye opener. We had to go through Bukit Beruntung (sambil nyanyi lagu along bukit beruntung). Gilerrr Horrrorr... There were so many rundown abandon buildings rasa macam kat bosnia/serbia. We said Osama lepak sini mesti happy nya. Dont know what/who did wrong here. Sedih org yg have to stay there.. rasa macam kena tipu je. Once we reached Kuala Kubu we were trying to find the post office. Not suprising, we got lost. Ada lah org tu after seeing all the buildings tulis kuala kubu and dah lepas town.. dia kata straight lagi 2km baru jumpa kuala kubu.. tak jumpa2 pun.. kuala lipis adalah lagi 150km. Lagi sorang tu.. dah sampai post office baru cakap " haa.. ni lah dia post office" (duh..we all can read) sedangkan harap dia yg tunjuk jalan.

After breakfast, tukar costume semua.. we were on our way to the entry point of the expedition. It was about 2 km from the Sg Selangor dam. From there we can see the water release at the dams discharge. So we knew the water was going to be great. We started of (while tunggu driver hantar kereter at the exit point) by hanyuting diri sendiri upstream. I got a little excited and hanyutkan diri awal2 while trying to join the others (tapi tak sengaja and tak larat nak lawan the current). We were all suprised at the strenght of the water but we loved it.

After sorang2 kena collect downstream, we started the safety briefing and stuff. The best part of it was the hand signals.... alamak.. gtg will continue part 2 soon hopefully with the pics.

Thursday, May 28

Scrapbook Friends

Today, I met with some scrappies in EM. I didn't know that they are serious scrappers like me and they are in the same department as me! Nadhrah was there too, so we had this sharing session where they showed their masterpieces. I didnt bring mine as I am not aware that they are bringing their work. But what a lovely collection of mini albums and layouts! Shahrul, our mini album diva, stunned us with her beautiful and gorgeous darcy code albums. She is truly a master!!! She needs to give tutorial to us!!

There was also a couple of Aussie ladies, who are Lili's scrapbooking friends. One of them owns a scrapbook store in her home (how cool is that? She is pregnant with her sixth child!). We had fun chatting and looking at the albums and layouts. And of course, shopping! Nadhrah brought some stuffs from her store so I was tempted and bought a sanding block and a couple of journaling pens (I dont have one OK). We had a quick lunch at Convention Center after that.

It was exciting to know a lot of people through scrapbooking. It is really a good way to get-together and become closer to your friends. We want to plan for our own crop party and maybe ask Nadhrah or Shahrul to teach a class! Really excited! Can't wait for tomorrow night, when I can scrap in peace!

For pictures and more stories, visit Nadhrah's blog here. Hope to do more things together with the girls!

Scrapbook crazy!

I googled Scrapbook stores near my hotel, and this is what I found; around 11 stores within 25 miles radius!!!! (And this is not including craft stores like Hobby Lobby). There are 11 stores, 20-45 minutes drive from the hotel!! That is about the drive from my house to Papier to Scrappingville. Which one to go? Which one is the best? And most importantly, what to buy? I am sure they have a giga variety of stuff compared to the stores in Malaysia. I will go scrappercrazy over there!!!

Nadhrah will help me list down 'things to buy', especially what kind/brand of tools to buy. She said to buy stickers, rub-ons, papers, etc.. not really helping dear! :)

Mama, if you're reading this, please make sure I don't go overboard! hehe..

Houston.. here I come!

Sunday, May 24

Crop party @ Scrappingville

I joined Scrap-It-Lah's crop party on Saturday and had lots of fun. It was a small group, but they are all very nice and friendly ladies. I knew most of them through their blogs and am glad to finally meet them. There's Michelle chowchow, Watie Basri, Naddy Scrappingchix, Nilla and May. Jessy couldnt join us as she had another event at her school. Nadhrah Scrapping Glitz was there too, visiting and shopping (nice to finally meet her, after communicating only through emails) :) It's apparent the girls know each other well, they are like the creme of scrapbooking in Malaysia.. heheh..

The crop party was hosted by Michelle and Watie. We did a tag for our neighbour, a flower using only paper, buttons, and cleaning pipes, and finally a layout from a sketch. I was kinda slow and blurred, but I managed to create something nice. The girls were quick and knew what they were doing.. I guess that comes with experience.. hehe..

Here are the tag I did for May and mine as created by May. Both have butterflies!

The lovely paper flowers.. Mine is the far left.

May's layout. Love the picture!

Naddy's layout. Really love these papers from Amy Butler. Gorgeous! Naddy had the most stash, but no suprise as she owns an online store!

Nilla's layout. Loved the flowers, very creative!

Yours Truly.. very simple layout from me.

Me with the girls...May, Naddy, Watie and Michelle. We're missing Nilla, she had to left early.

The girls' power cameras. Nice!

Michelle, who is the co-owner of Scrap-It-Lah invited me to be in their design team. All I need to do is to design one layout per month for them. I am really honored, although I am a newbie that still need to learn more! I will try to do my best, girls.

I had lots of fun, but the best part was meeting all the girls. I really enjoyed their company and hope to meet them in another scrapping event later. (There is a Scrapbooking Showcase @ Scrappingville this Tuesday but unfortunately, I can't join as I have to work).

Smartie Pants!

IQ's are suppose to show you how smart you are. I'm still very skeptical about it but i am interested to know my real IQ (actually how smart I am). So i decided to play around with a free IQ internet test. The link results are as posted below (still in doubt of its accuracy and what kind of intelligence are really being measured.. tapi score ok so kena publish lah kan!).

I have met a lot of morons in my life and a few real smarties. I admire smart ppl especially women (thats why i married the smartest one i know). But as i get older i realized smart ppl have to pick it up a notch to excel. You have to grab success and being smart can help but to what extend. Other traits are more prominent ('loyalty'=@ss kissing works wonders.. especially here) in the real world.

In my experience (what little i have), what you know or what you can do doesn't really get you that far and what i believe you should deserve. Just look at our leaders for example (mind boggling how stupid they can get). i guarantee, tens of thousands of ppl are smarter than our leaders. I also bet some of you have idiots as bosses (i can write till tomorrow how i can prove my bosses idiocy).

Certain cultures/society when you imagine big guns (be it politician, corporate leaders, business men) it is automatically associated with being smart. I personally dont see it happening in ours. It all boils down to merit (yeah same old story). I pray and hope this will happen in my lifetime.

IQ Test - IQ Test

Saturday, May 23

World's Best Mama

Here is a layout I did for Scrap-It-Lah May challenge. The challenge is to scrap about your mom, or about being a mother. The only condition is to have some form of journaling. So, it can be a layout or a mini album or anything you can think of. I am still experimenting with different techniques, and here I played around with 3D embellishment. I like how the frame turned out.

I am not good with words, so I adapted a poem from by Joanna Fuchs as part of the journaling. Here's how the poem goes...

Mama, you're a wonderful mother,
So gentle, yet so strong.
The many ways you care
Always make me feel I belong.

You're a source of comfort;
You're my cushion when I fall.
You help in times of trouble;
You support me whenever I call.

I love you more than you know;
You have my total respect.
If I had my choice of mothers,
You'd be the one I'd select!

Everyday, I try my best to be
A mother like the mom you were to me.

By Joanna Fuchs

Thursday, May 21

Idol fever!

Ok.. the result is out.. Kris Allen won.. I have nothing against Kris, but I always been a fan of Adam since the Hollywood Week. I think he's fresh, unique and very talented. Every week he surprised us with his wide vocal range and those high notes. He made every song, and sometimes unheard songs, into his own, and make it sounds great. Heck, I downloaded all his performances (semangat tol kan! hehe). My favorites are 'Tears of Heaven', 'Mad World' and 'Ring of Fire'.

Ok.. back to the finale. Kris is a wonderful artist too, just that he is way different than Adam. Most of my friends (you know who you are) like Kris better, maybe because of his cute looks and down-to-earth attitude. Even my husband like Kris, especially after he sang 'Heartless', which I think is a better version compared to Kanye West's take. He is without a doubt talented, together with his ability to play musical instrument and arrange the music to suit his style. My favorite is 'Aint no sunshine' and 'Heartless'. Oh, only my boss likes Adam among my friends, and he is a singer, so he understands how talented Adam is.. heheh..

But about the time of the Top 3 competition, I started to get a little bit Adam-fatigue. I think he just peaked too early. He kind of lost the magic touch, and his performances got a bit boring, predictable and more and more like screaming instead of singing. He's still good, but Kris and Danny are catching up with him. (I still a fan of you, Adam!) Nevertheless, the Top 4 rocks! I love Allison.. she rocks and only 17! wow! Also not to forget Danny, with his husky power voice.

Ok.. sidetrack again.. the finale was great!! I enjoyed all the performances, (except the queen latifah's one) especially adam singing with KISS and Queens! He was really in the zone! I think it's the best finale ever! Even Ryan Seacrest was entertaining and cracked lots of funny joke. The funniest performance was when Kara shocked the Bikini Girl out of her shells. And man, Kara can sing (better than Paula). She even shocked us with showing herself in bikini!

Both of them are really talented in their own way. I just think that Adam is the bigger star, and has more star power and charisma. Kris, you are adorable and sweet, but I don't know how well you will fare in the music scene. Somehow I think that America voted for Kris just so that Adam lose. Maybe they were turned off by his over-the-top and theatrical attitude, which I admit is sometimes really over-the-top.. hehe.. One thing for sure, I am looking forward for both of their album in the near future!

Oh well, idol fever is over. I will miss American Idol.. No more looking forward for Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Nothing to look forward to besides weekends :) No more breakfast talk on who will be out this week.. American Idol is the only show I diligently follow (ask my husband)... the rest of the time, the tv is conquered by Channel 613. And this season is the best so far (I strongly think because Adam sizzled up the competition)

American Idol.. see you in January for Season 9!

Yours Truly,
Dissapointed Adam's fan

Tuesday, May 19

To go or Not to go...

For some of you know, I planned to go to Houston, Texas this June for a school. My mother, together with Zara are tagging along. We already booked the tickets and applied for US visa. But as the swine flu outbreak started in April, I am hesitant about our initial plan. Should I continue with the journey? One thing for sure, if I decided to go, I would not bring Zara along. That is just plain too risky.

I have an option to defer to the September session, but now it's kind of too late to reschedule. Plus, my mom has to pay extra RM700 to postpone the tickets. I know it's risky.. like my husband said, if it happens to me, and I know I can avoid it, I will never forgive myself. I know I know, he's right. But I really wanted to go! We only get the chance to go to Houston for training ever other year, and we have planned for this trip for a while now. My mom also already planned for her friends to come and visit her at Houston.

My mom said that we should just go.. just take precautionary steps and tawakkal.. heck, we can still get sick in Malaysia too! Plus, a few friends in US said that this swine flu outbreak has been exaggerated. I dont know.. for now, I am going with my mom minus Zara... We'll see what happens in another 3 weeks. If I go, I have to fully wean Zara off breastfeeding, which is kinda sad as I want to bfeed her as long as I can. But it's OK I guess, she's a big girl now.. almost 18 months in June. I think she'll be OK.. :)

So... to go or not to go?

Saturday, May 16

Jom tengok movie!!

Must watch movies of the summer list!

1) Wolverine - Done. Enjoyed it all the way but adelah tak logic yg poyo sikit. The best part personally is that i believed it kept true to the characters and story. Even though i do not consider myself a "know all" x-men follower, the little i know was present in the movie. Wolverine selalu mengamuk, the best at what he does, rivalry and yada yada yada. So hardcore fans i think you'll enjoy this and to the others it does a good job explaining the true origins of Wolverine.

2) Star trek - next in line. don't really know much about it but how the wife keeps telling her friends were saying it was good. i guess i have to bring her to see it kalau tak nanti kena left out ngan geng dia. Nanti dia tak rasa cool lah or whatever.. kesiann dia (you know what i mean) :p

3) Terminator - Reallyyyyy excited about this one. Better not be dissapointing. i want to watch it without any expectation so that i can extra-ly be awed. especially if it relates all the previous movies and enhance the mystery of the whole saga. i want more questions and answers.

4) Transformer - The MOST excited of all. Nostalgic sentiments explains my excitment the best. I loved the first one when i watched it at Gold class TGV (the first time and wife belanja for my birthday - Best giler tak bini aku!!! lagi best sebab dia layan my 'semangat') . Every time bunyi dia transform "chichuchikchukchok" i will remember all the days i spend watching the cartoon siap ngan berangan transform sekali. So excittedd!! sounds childish but what the hell!

5) Harry porter - I have read the whole book series. Full of twists, turns & highly addictive. Personally i feel it revived the reading generation. But for those yg still malas baca/no time, this is the next best thing. but coming from previous movies it touches only half of the books. But imagining it while reading and actually watching it on the screens might be enlightening!

Wednesday, May 13

Zara the Heartwarmer

I just wrote a few days ago of our Drama Queen Zara. But a couple of days ago, I observed something really heartwarming. As most of you know, Zareef always bullies Zara. He will hit her, push her, pull her, kick her, take things from her, etc (the list goes on..) without any reasons at all. But Zara will still adore her brother.

One day, Zara was running around the house and Zareef was riding his tricycle. Suddenly, without any reason, Zareef just ran over Zara. Of course, Zara cried her heart out. Ayah was so mad that he hit Zareef, because he did it even though we already shouted NO!. Zareef cried on the floor. Everybody was ignoring him, but Zara came to him and pat his face. Then, she walked to Ayah and pulled his hand and asked him to comfort Zareef. Wow, Zareef just ran over her, but she already forgave him, and wants him to stop crying!

That, to me, is something amazing. Even a one year old can forgive and forget, why can't we? I'm talking about myself especially :) Hope that she can remains like this forever.. hehe (cross your fingers)

Zara, you're truly one special girl!

Sunday, May 10

Life as your mama...

Here is a layout I did on Mother's Day, capturing the eventful day. I like the paper so much that I made it as the background. I just love the bright colors.

Life as your mama... the journaling says...

"My precious Zareef & Zara, being your mama is the greatest thing in my life. You give me joy and happiness that is beyond words. I learned the true meaning of patience and sacrifice, and most of all, now I understand the feeling of unconditional love"

Mother's Day mini album

I made this accordian mini album for mama.. It is very simple album, but I like how it turned out (although I still need to learn other techniques too!). I managed to put together some childhood pics of my brothers and me, together with some recent pictures. I used lots of flowers, which I know my mother is crazy over them.

Thank you again for everything, mama.. you mean the world to me.. *Hugs*

Mother's Day card

Here is the card I made for my mother-in-law, or as we lovingly call, LOLA. I used my stash paper to create this card, and some free stickers from Scrapbook magazine. I like these stickers by Beatrix Potter, aren't they just lovely? Hope mama likes it.

Zareef's gifts to me..

Just like last year, Zareef create some wonderful Mother's Day gifts at school. There is no mini concert like last year, which I enjoyed really much. His class sang to us moms a few songs, which include the famous Ibu, engkaulah ratu hatiku.. They were very cute! Anyway, this year, he made he a card complete with his picture, a paper flower and stryrofoam love. I am so touched by all his efforts. He keeps saying Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you so much! Siapa tak cair? (He calls me Mom everytime we converse in English.. something he picked up at shool, I guess).

I love you Zareef and Zara.. you complete my life!

Football wishes 4 this season

Its the time of the footballing season that clubs either make or break. This season we can see a few close races in several titles. Below are my wishes or predictions for this season.

1) Champions league goes to Barcelona
2) La Liga goes to Barcelona (sorry to admit, madrid memang takde harapan lah)
3) Copa Del Rey goes to Barcelona (want someone else to win a treble, so Man U. tak berlagak sangat)
4) Premier League goes to Liverpool (still can do it.. if liverpool dont mess it up, but still hoping Man U fumble - kesimpulannya taknak Man U. menang apa2)
5) Fa Cup goes to Chealsea (they have to win something with all that money - sorry Man City you have nothing to show)
6) Budesliga goes to Bayern Munich (still a small fan to Ribery)
7) Serie A goes to Inter Milan (but whos watching Italy nowadays? boring and too many old ppl - thats why Kaka have to go to Real Madrid)

In a nutshell, yes as a real madrid fan i admit this year is a dry year for us. No Cibeles fountain celebration. I blame the comical management and board instability. But from the ashes, Madrid will reemerge. Stability will be back (cause perez and zidane are coming come june 14).. not a lot of ppl are closer to the hearts of the fans other than Zidane. I heard the plan is to clear out around 12 ppl to make way for the second generation of galacticos - Kaka, Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Fabregas, Xavi Alonso, Tevez, Silva, Villa, Iniesta (all rumours though - and no ronaldo!!!). So lets just pray for the best.

ps... why am i talking about real madrid... i was intending to right about my title winner predictions?? subconsciously trying to be ready sebelum somebody point out real tak menang apa2

Saturday, May 9

Mother's Day Tributes

We are grateful to spend time with our beloved moms today. We had early Mother's Day lunch at One Utama yesterday with my mama n family. Mak Su and Nadirah was there too! (Lama tak jumpe). We had a simple lunch at Pizza Milano, where we had pizzas and pastas. But we had a great time (although Zara initially throwed tantrum and wants to guling2 on the floor - turns out that she's hungry.. )

Mama...or nenek... thank you for everything you have done to me and family. I am not good with words, as no words can describe my gratitude. Thank you for your patience, your hardwork, your caring and your unconditional love. I love you so much, mama.

The Zazamazu.. with the suprise gift from Zareef...(ayah bought it senyap2).. very lovely picture frame.. thanks dearests!

Me with mama, mak su, nadirah & princess zara...

the zazamazu with my bros man and haziq

with my beloved mama....

Right after that, we went to Lola's house (my mother-in-law insisted on calling her Lola, which she said is grandma in spanish). We had 2nd lunch there; atok graciuously cooked meehoon soup for us (thank you atuk!). I made her a simple Mother's Day card ( I hope she likes it).

Mama or Lola...thank you for all your unconditional love that you've shown us. We are blessed to have you in our life. We love you so much!!

The glamorous lola holding the card..

Happy Mother's Day to our moms, nenek and lola..and all other mommies out there!!

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers especially my mother, wife and mother in-law. I can't begin to imagine how big they are in our lives yet alone to pen it here. I remembered a song when i was growing up called "Untuk Mu Ibu - by Exists" and it always touches the heart whenever i hear this song especially the lyrics below. (just to share my sensitive side)

Tuhan Yang Esa
Ampuni dosa ibu
Tempatkan mereka
Di antara kekasih kekasihMu

Oh! Ibu
Kau kasih sejati
Kutaburkan doa
Untukmu ibu

Ampunilah dosaku
Sejak ku dilahirkan
Hingga akhir hayatmu

The song should not be taken literally but instead making us appreciate more our mothers... and show our love to them with what little time we have left.

How girls shee-shee.

After shee-sheeing (urinate) at O.U.

Zareef: Ayah macam mana girls shee-shee ah takde bird?
Ayah: Good question! nanti zareef tanya mama sebab ayah bukan girl.

An hour or so later in the car (yes he still remembered to pop the question)

Zareef: Mama, macam mana girl shee-shee takde bird ah?
Mama: LOL... girl shee-shee je lah.. takyah pakai bird.
Zareef: ohhh.. girls shee-shee pakai bontot je eh!!

Friday, May 8

Zareef tau dah...

Yey.. another long weekend for me. Office is closed today as replacement holiday for Wesak Day, which is tomorrow. The best thing is, Zareef goes to school today. So, I get this rare quiet moments at home, with Zara. :)

I remembered a conversation with Zareef a couple of days ago, while driving him and Zara "ikut sederhana" (means driving them around the blocks before going to work). I was persuading him to go to school as he said he was reluctant to go to school that day..

Mama : Zareef kena la pergi sekolah.. nak jadi engineer kena pergi sekolah, bagi pandai
Zareef : Tapi Zareef dah pandai dah.. Zareef dah tau dah semua teacher ajar
Mama : Ye ke, tapi Zareef tak pandai baca lagi..
Zareef : Pandai la, Zareef dah pandai spell
Mama : Tapi Zareef tak pandai baca, tak pandai tambah, tolak darab, bahagi. Banyak lagi Zareef nak belajar!
Zareef : OK la mama....

It's so funny how they think and look upon the world..Their world is simple and very straightforward. How I wish the world is really like that.. hehe..

Thursday, May 7

The art of football penalties

Watched the reply of last nights game (chealsea vs. barcelona). Felt the decider came down to the decision of penalty or not? I have always admired the art of getting or getting away with penalties.
Here are some things i would like to share.

Getting penalties:
1) Throw a tantrum whenever anybody touches you ... Just like Christiano Ronaldo
2) Believe that you have been shot from a snipper... Just like Drogba
3) Golek, golek, golek and golek lagi .... Just like dalam iklan 'cari bakat berlakon' tu
4) Beliakkan mata, menganga besar2 pleading to the ref ... Just like Pipo Inzaghi
5) Berlakon injured macam dah nyawa2 ikan..... Just like Thiery Henry
6) Bump into the last man but claim he pushed you... Just like Luca Toni
7) Just fall down by yourself and look all stupid... Just like El-Hadji Diouf (especially time kat liverpool)
8) Jump into the box when fouled even though ur 10 meters away ... Just like Ronaldo Gemuk
9) Always fall on the ball and stop the game to pressure the ref to make a decision ... Just like Luis Figo.

Getting away with penalties:
1) Claim its the hand of god/ or gods intervention ...Just like Maradonna (personal favourite)
2) Act like ur stomach hurt (eventhough kena tangan and it happened 10 minutes ago)... Just like John Terry
3) Have a go at the lines man and act all righeous .... Just like Ashley Cole
4) Ngengek to the coach and ask him to have a go at the ref ...... Just like Oshea
5) Always remind the ref he looks stupid after convincing him you have just watched the replay... Just like Morinho
6) At the press conference before the game, claim the ref always give penalties against you... Just like Ferguson, Morinho, Benitez, Wenger
7) Say ' i cannot deny our confirm it was a penalty'.... Just like linggam

ps.. Add more if u guys think of anything

Tuesday, May 5

Scrapperlicious Shahrul

I just found that my scrap 'guru' is giving a tutorial on mini albums! You know who.. it's Shahrul or Kak Own, as most of us who knows her. It is no suprise as her mini albums are really really gorgeous! FYI- she's the one who introduced scrapbooking to me. She made a lovely mini album for Zara and from then on I thought I want to do this too. I will love this hobby. But I told her I would not have the time to do this with two small children to take care of. But she encouraged me to try and here I am!

She will give a tutorial on a gate-fold mini album, like the Pride and Prejudice album she did. Check it out at the Scrapping Glitz site. I will surely want to be one of her students. Her mini album collections are just so beautiful and yummylicious! She is really one talented scrapper... Scrapperlicious Shahrul! So proud of you, Kak Own!

Here is the album she did for Zara...

Monday, May 4

Beach dudes

Yey! I managed to create one more layout on Sunday, making the total layouts created during the long weekend to 3. I am taking up one of the Scrappin Kids Fiesta challenge, which is a color challenge. I can only use red, yellow, aqua blue, green and kraft. Well, back to basic! :) I have never used these combinations before but don't you think it's nice?

I found these bright and cheerful papers at Papier and remembered this challenge. So, I thought that I would give it a try. It's an odd combinations for me but I think it turned out OK. These pictures are from our recent trip to Awana Kijal. The family was accompanying me for my HUET (helicopter training). :))

For more pictures, please visit my Scrappperocks! Gallery

Sunday, May 3

Why so bad??


6-2. cant get a break nowadays. bila nak dapat bangga ngan real madrid ni.. tenssionnn tull!!! asik kena kutuk je. wishing ppl will leave me alone.. not likely after 6-2. Dam* it..

ps.. madrid still not 'fading'

National Scrapbooking Day

Wow... we even have a National Scrapbooking Day!! That just shows that this hobby is really picking up in Malaysia. Good on us! And it coincides with the Labor Day 3 day weekend! Well, I thought that I can create lots of layouts, but I only managed to create 2 layouts, including a 2-pages spread (even when staying up til 3am!). I started a mini album too.. but only managed to get the cover done.. (still waiting for goodies from Nadhrah). Visited Papier today..they had a 15% storewide discount (10% for new arrivals). I bought lots of new papers and thickers!!

Well, here are my layouts during the NSD weekend...

Zara's 12 months of smile.. capturing her beautiful smile in her first year.

Why so serious? Zareef's bad mood at his best! Haha.. this is how he looks like when he's grumpy.. "I want mama.. Mama come here... I want to hold mama's hand.. Do like batu (a fist)..." Glad to be able to capture this.

For more pictures, please visit my Scrappperocks! Gallery