Tuesday, January 31

Kelas kopi

Last time I mention the misses signed me up for a barista class, well I finally got around doing it. It was fantastic and I gained a lot from it. Learned all the basics, covered the theory and had plenty of practice. Here are some stuff I think is worth sharing.

- Arabica beans have better flavor but robusta beans are stronger and last longer
- don't buy beans from supermarkets instead get them at the roasters themselves
- the darker (more time roasted) the less caffeine cause burned away.
- fridging grind coffee doesn't really help. Just in air tight containers and not too warm. Don't store too long.
- extraction time of 20-30 secs is ur target to get great espresso
- quantity,Tamping and grinding effects extraction time
- milk choices and right temperature of 60-70. Has to start cold and not reused and proper frothing technic.

There's a lot more but ull get bored reading. So here are some photos from my class

And here are some examples that I inspire to create

Ps.. The only problem is its actually hard to practice what I learn from the class at home especially in the setup and the COSTTT!!

Sunday, January 29

Once upon a time in NZ

I woke up at 3 o' clock. I went on an Aeroplane. I stayed on for 3 hours.I and my family got a motorhome and went to Pakiri beach on my first day.

Monday, January 9

The day when she started baking

Yummy in my tummy
One day all of the sudden the wifey said she wanted to make cup cakes. (well i kinda persuaded her - saying I want to do it) but I guess she wanted to take over. Be my guess. It went perfectly. It tasted great and looked beautiful. Pass the "ultimate kids test"  with flying colours. Hope its first from many to come.

Saturday, January 7

Cafe Zazamazu

Coffee with cupcake
Monster maker
Making coffee with the new espresso machine
We recently redeemed our credit card point and treated ourselves with the Breville espresso machine. I love it very much and thought it was a great idea. The misses love the fact that she gets a the fresh made coffee with love whenever she wants (yup.. takde initiative nak belajar... nak order je tahu).

Not trying to sound like Melburnian snobs, but we really do love our coffee and some cafes aren't good enough. Although I'm still learning to make the perfect cup of coffee, i'd rather make it myself than pay $4-5 for somebody else to mess it up.

It takes a lot of trial and error especially with the coffee beans and milk choices vs. the flavours you want. Skill and understanding of the coffee making process is fascinating to me. It takes a while to learn but I'm enjoying it. The misses even enrolled me in a barista short course. Haven't gone to it yet but I'm getting her hint. She keeps complaining that my coffee is too weak.

So here's to life long affair to coffee addiction.... Salute!!

Thursday, January 5

Zara is 4 today!!

Princess Zara the birthday girl. Posing with her crown and party hat.

Dora cake. Really yummy

Birthday girl leading the party

Waiting for the cake

Giving a speech?

With lovely Shiri

Cup cakes as birthday cakes - love the belgian chocolate

Birthdays- the day full of happiness, cake, wrapping paper and sugar high kids

Its Zara's Bday today. She turned 4. How lucky we are to have her in our lives. We love her with all our hearts. Happy Birthday Zara. May Allah bless you have put you among those He loves.