Saturday, November 27

Ready for the El-Classico?

Twice a year there are 2 games in Spanish La-Liga that football fans all over the world keen to watch. No matter if your a Valencia fan, a Kelantan fan or even a Liverpool fan (are there any left?). Its the head-head show down of the 2 biggest clubs in Spain or I would like to consider the world. Yup Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Its so hyped up over they even have a 'title' for this matchup called "El Classico". No other league matches across the world has a title for its normal league match (as far as I know - could be lying).

Although its just a normal league game (as Shahrul puts it - macam Almeria vs Getafe etc etc) and does not really carry extra weight in the competition, the match is worked up because of its history and all the behind-the-scene that comes with it. Which is the part I love most (especially being a Real Madrid Fan). Barcelona vs Real Madrid rivalry is arguably the most frictional of the club footballing world. Dramas aside the only real weightage of the game is that in Spanish La Liga to determine the winner after the total points are the head to head goal difference (if you can't follow what I mean - NVM, just ignore it).

Madrid is the capital of Spain while Barcelona is like the capital of Catalan. In simple terms both city talk different languages, have different political believes (Catalan wants/consider themselves independent from Spain vs Real Madrid was 'backed' by the Gomen sort off /Real means Royal), different very influential Media's (Radio Barca, Marca Newspaper), different Ultra (Super Fanatic) fans and different views on football. In modern times there is no better venue to iron out these "differences" than a good sporting game. Thats why the importance/emphasis on El Classico.

I can go on and on and on about this but Zareef dah start bangun (its 630am - punyalah semangat lepas subuh terus nak tulis about Classico) and ajak tengok Batman The Bold and The Brave. Cutting this short here is a list some of the stuff that happen previously gearing up and making this Classico a real watcher and I think you would like to know:

  1. Pig Head - Barca's fans threw a real Pig's Head at Luis Figo when he was taking a corner kick. Barca felt betrayed when he was loved and was a star player in Barca but moved to Madrid by plotting with Perez to buy out his contract clause.
  2. Raul's Famous SSSSHHHH celebration - Raul started the famous SSHHHH finger to mouth goal celebration shutting up the whole Nou Camp (100,000 ppl). Cooll right!!
  3. Barca in grown talents/star versus Real Madrids power buying Galacticos
  4. For the previous years the only 2 clubs contending for LA LIGA.
  5. Morinho was an interpreter in Barca but ironically have beaten Barca with 2 clubs he managed (Chealsea and Inter). Morinho itself is a whole new blog entry
  6. Ronaldinho Standing ovation from the Ultras at Bernabeu after a solo effort. This was when Real Madrid was politically unstable.
  7. Ronaldo vs Messi... arguably the 2 most biggest star right now. There are also topping the La Liga goal scoring table. Different qualities in both professionally and personality. Ronaldo solo play/'lawa'/stylo/strong arrogant personality of a winner while Messi a small boy from the kampungs but superbly awesome and talented. Excited to see what they will do against each other.

Ok ok .. got to go.. Zareef dah tanya dah lagi... I leave you with a video of the previous goals Madrid scored at Nou Camp.


ps.. Dont forget the game is on a Monday cause Catalan Elections on the Sunday.

Tuesday, November 9

Making chicks project

This morning Zareef pulled Zara over to a corner of his class. He asked Zara and me to keep quiet while approaching this incubator/heater thing. He said "shhhhhh... the eggs are sleeping". The class has this science project about hatching eggs. Interesting stuff. Most of the facts even I dont know (not saying much about my intelligence). The best thing about it, I asked Zareef when the chicks will hatch... With confidence and certainty he answered "Friday... Zareef dah kira dah". Lets see if its true.. but i reckon dia main tembak je teka.

ps... Stay tuned, I'll give an update if he got it right.

Note Wed: the first chick hatched today... Zareef salah!!

Monday, November 8

Riang gembira kalernyaa!!!

Got this pic over the weekend from Faz. We were really eager to see it and it didn't disappoint. Just felt happy looking at it and really brought a smile to us. Thanks Faz for the picture.

Thursday, November 4

Zareef the good boy... iyeke??

Zareef was showing me this league there are having at Pre-school. I was wandering why he was so eager. Apparently he was leading the others in a 'Good Behaviour League'. It made me proud to see it (good job zareef). Somehow it just doesnt fit on how he acts out at home... ni case dera mak bapak ni. But sebenarnya he is turning out to be a good boy. I thought the day will never come - those who saw Zareef growing up understands this (he was like the character stitch from the cartoon 'lilo & stitch' ). Alhamdulillah and we pray this continues for Zara and him so that they become good ppl. Insyallah.

"Theres no bigger success for us than making our children better ppl"