Thursday, April 30


I scanned some old photos for another scrapbook project. I saw a newborn picture of me and wonder how does it look like compared to my kids. I think they do have some resemblance of me, although not 100%. I wish I have a newborn picture of my husband so that I can compare his features too. What do you think? :)

This is me.. at least what I used to look like..

Now here is Zareef...

and Zara...
One thing I know for sure is that when she was borned, Zara looks surprisingly similar like Zareef! (Although now we can see the feminine side of her.. heheh) :))

Monday, April 27

Drs = healers??

i'm sick lying in bed trying to sleep again (literally typing on my sides with a couple of fingers). Cant sleep that well especially in between naps i had to pick up zareef from smart reader. Malasnye(you know that feeling) and lenguh nak get out bed tadi. And to top it of.. 5 minut'es dalam kereta zareef was already snoring while i was struggling to keep awake.

I wanna share what happened at the clinic today. Sometimes i get the feeling that dr's especially GP's are well.... not as helpful as we would like them to be. After all the inspection (setakat temp, pegang tonsils and tengok mulut je) this morning the dr didnt even mention once whats wrong with me. all i know lepas check... "you tunggu luar" aikk .. i tak habis ceriter sakit lagi dah kena halau. but i didnt protest because i knew i was getting my m.c. The real reason i was going there in the first place.

The only advice i got from her was not to drink ice water. duhhhh!!!! Zareef pun tahu tu. dah kalau minum boleh rasa sakit lagi of course you shouldnt keep on doing it. Ohh yeah.. another thing she said was dont forget the antibiotics. Belum apa2 dah ceriter antibiotics. everything antibiotics. ask any real dr's. antibiotics is normally the last resort. sakit sikit je makan antibiotics will make your immune system weak. dah lah normally they give the highest end antibiotics (lebih profit ke .. tak tahu lah). normally antibiotics bagi yg kurang power2 until tak leh baru bagi yg power. i asked a specialist pasal antibiotics and he said too much will kill the good bacterias in the belly. In other countries, like its suppose to.. antibiotics is the last resort.

And in other countries.. clinics dont hand out medicine. theres a big reason for that. so dr's dont push the products. its open to abuse (you kena makan ubat yg i jual ni). plus kesian pharmasicts.. nak cari makan pun susah sekarang. The industry knows this but what to do..

Did you know mis-diagnosis is among the biggest cause of avoidable death (behind road accidents and smoking.. i study dulu) in the US. Dr's can say aynthing and get away with it. certain dr's in klang valley are even known for it. A clinic in seksyen 13 shah alam, will always say air ketumbuh (i hope i spelled it right) masa mengandung sikit.. and push for a cesaerian. Certain surgeon will always push for an operation. Confronting these crappy drs. (after second opinion and kantoikan diorang), they will just shrug it off by saying 'its my professional opinion'

Ok.. enough bashing of the profession. please dont get offended if ur a dr. or anything like that. some drs. are so wonderful, you'll be waiting in line for hours wanting to see them every time.
you wouldnt want anybody else taking care of your loved ones. its the lousy drs. that i want to highlight.

Sunday, April 26


Last update for the day.. have been in the uploading and blogging mood today. I did this layout this morning, using free papers from Scrapbook Magazines. I just love the bright and cheerful colors, perfect for this picture of my kids with their cousins. Jaja and Nana, Along's daughters, live in Uganda (Along is working there). So, they are rarely home in Malaysia. But, whenever they are here, Zareef and Zara got along very well with them. Missed having them around.. :)


Here is a layout I did for Scrap-It-Lah Sketch#1 challenge. It is an online sketch where scrappies submit their layout and the winner get scrappy goodies, or RAKS (not sure what RAKS means, I forgot). Did not hope to win, I did this layout for fun. I like the sketch.. and I have this Valentine kit available that is perfect for the challenge.

Two hearts that beat as one.. our honeymoon pics at Langkawi, more than 5 years ago! :))

Azlin's Jalan2 Cari Makan

Azlin was gracious to host another get-together at his Setiawangsa penthouse. This is our second time coming to his house, the first one during his housewarming last year. Another potluck party; we brought chickin lickin good from Tesco. The main course was sponsored by head chef Seri, who cooked char keow teow (alamak, camne nak eja.. ). Okla Seri, you can certainly open a char keow teow stall in pasar ramadhan. Sakeenah brought yummylicious spaghetti.. There was satay and of course the ever famuos cocoon jelly sponsored by Nod2.

After eating, we played Cranium. This is the first time for most people, so hubby @ Bozord enthusiastically explained the rules to everybody (as usual la, dia semangat! hehe). So, after a few rounds, people got the hang of it and we had fun. The funniest thing I can remember is Fariz doing Sculturades for 'high heels'. So complex, he did one whole person when he could just sculp a shoe!! And also, Sakeenah being a puppet master trying to imitate someone milking cows.. haha.. We did not finish the game as it was getting late.

Finally, we finished with a cake cutting ceremony. 2 actually, one from baskin robins and another was a chocolate cheese cake from secret recipe. It was to celebrate the april babies.. fariz, shahir and Bee.

For more pics check out our album page.


Here is some more layouts I did over the past few weeks. I just got the chance to upload the pics to the PC.

Brotherly love.. Just loved these pictures of my kids.. they look so cute. I know that although Zareef keeps bullying his sister, deep inside he still loves her.

The Beach Bum.. Here is a photo from ERC Treasure Hunt to Penang. Zareef was just starting to walk, and this is his first time playing by the beach. Loved the layout from Scrapbook etc. magazine, perfect for this picture.

Zareef's 12 months of smiles..
Capturing Zareef's smiles from innocent newborn smiles to
cheeky toddler smiles and laughs

More pics at my Scrapperocks! page

Saturday, April 25

Arif's Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we went to Arif (Aisha's son) birthday party. It was his 5th birthday! It was celebrated at Kids Gym @ Great Eastern Mall. Never been there before but what a fun place for the kids! It has a big playground for toddlers and big kids. Zareef n Zara had a blast in the playground.

Then it was time for games. For some reason, Zareef didnt want to play with other kids. He insisted that we tag along with him. Is that normal? Why is he so sticky?? We kinda pushed him to play with other kids but he cried! In the end, he just sat with us in the 'adult' room. I thought after more than one year of Smart Reader, he got used to playing with other kids. Well, he's still a kid, and he did not know most of the kids in the party.

Zareef's ultimate goal was to get a party pack, which we didnt get until the end of the party. So, before that, he was whining and whining for a party pack. After cake-cutting and lunch, he finally got one! After that, he was all smiles. Huh, kids these days.. so materialistic! ehehe

However, we had fun.. the place is awesome and the cake was yummylicious!!! one of the best choc cake I had ever tasted! Thanks Aisha for having us.

For more picture, visit our album page.

Bubba Gump

Yesterday, we (minus the kids) went to another 'date'. Yes, sometimes we leave the kids at home to have some peace and quiet, some 'romantic' time. Maybe catch a movie and later on have a nice dinner. At least, we can talk in peace, without anybody to be the 'pisau' between us.. You know who I am talking about.. haha..

Anyway, yesterday we went to Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid. It was nice, we had shrimps and lobster tail.. I think we were overloaded with shrimps after that!

Scrapperocks! Party

Last Sunday, I attended my first ever Crop Party, hosted by Papier @ The Curve. Well, from what I understand, a crop party is where Scrappies get together and crop! (Do scrapbook layouts, etc). We have to bring our own paper, embellishment and tools. So, I thought I would just give it a go! It's a great way to meet other Scrappies. I was not really sure on what to expect, so I brought literally all my Scrappie stuffs to the store! a traveling luggage!

I felt quite embarrassed at first bringing my big bag into the store. Other gals bring big bags too, but not as big as mine! :) Some people joked that I want to auction my stuff or something.. haha. The event was hosted by Macy, the store owner and conducted by the famous scrapper, Teacher JC. I've seen her work online and was glad that she was there. I really like her style of layouts. Cool to meet her in person, such a nice gal.

So the event started around 11.30am (waited almost an hour for everybody to turn up.. malaysian style la). It kicked off with the tag challenge. We were assigned to make a name tag for the person on our left, or for my case in front of me. They gave us some scrap papers, flowers, a ribbon, buttons and some letters. I was overwhelmed at first, didnt know where to start! We only had 20 minutes. Under pressure, I just 'cincai'ly made the tag for KIM. Here is the tag I did..

Next was the sketch challenge. Jessy gave a sketch and we had to follow the sketch, by doing our own interpretation on the layout. Here is the layout that she did...

We only had 45 minutes for this challenge. It was hard to start, I even had a hard time choosing the right picture! (as I bring about more than 100 pics that were newly printed.. haha). I know what paper I wanted to use, as I just love the color and design of it and this will be a good opportunity to use it. The best thing about cropping in a scrapbook store is, if you need something, you can just shop there and there! Here is my version of the sketch, although I added the hand-made glasses at home. hehe..

After a snack break ( we had curry puffs and cupcakes), we were on our last challenge, which was the number challenge. In this challenge, we had to use at least 1 cardstock, 2 pattern paper, 3 flowers, 4 buttons and 5 crystal/gems. For this challenge, we had the freedom to choose our layout, so I made a layout for Zara's 1st birthday party. I had this die-cuts that I wanted to use for some time, and it fits the layout perfectly. I like how it turned out.. especially since I love pink!

That's the end of it. But before we departed, there was a price giving ceremony. Suprisingly, I won the tag challenge, which I 'cincai'ly did. I guess it was my lucky day, as I won the lucky draw too!! yay!! Besides the challenge's winners, there was also prizes for best dressed and biggest buy of the day. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the theme of day is pink, orange and white. So we should dress in the theme colors ( I accidently wore the theme colors although I forgot about it). I won scrappy goodies from Making Memories.. I think its worth about RM100!!! (see pic below). Also, in between the challenges, we had special 30% paper sale and 20% scrappie stuffs!!!

All in all, I had lots of fun.. will surely join another again!! I just found out that there is quite a big network of scrappers in Malaysia and a lot of online challenges. I will try to be in the circle!!

I forgot to bring my camera that day, so visit Jessy's blog and Papier Love for more pics of the party! For more pics of my layouts, visit My Scapperocks! site.

In the meantime.. Scrapperocks!

Friday, April 24

Along's Birthday


Dear along,
Happy 35th birthday. Wish you a long and prosperous life(a lot easier kalau dah turun from your average weight of 130kg). Eventhough ur always away (Ugandalah, thailandlah, egyptlah, seattle lah, hong konglah.. etc..) and far from sight. We always have you close at heart especially zareef. Cant wait for you and the rest to come back. Give our love to kak yan, jaja and nana. we miss and love you all very much.

i remembered what zareef said the other day about you (see below).

Zareef: i love pak long so much
ayah: pasal apa zareef sayang paklong?
Zareef: sebab pak long gemuk macam kungfu panda.

Take care... wherever you are.

Thursday, April 23

Mc D seksyen 3 sux

Went to McD's cause we wanted to see Nats new blog and certainly not for its food. Personally i think McD paling sux among the fast food syndicates. Low value for money(apart yg lunch offer - tu pun yg set tak best) and tak sedap(never looks half as good as in the pictures advertised - tak macam wendys) . But i found myself going there anyways for other reasons (lepas tu ada je benda tak puas hati) . McD kan 'happening, canggih and modern' ada Wifi lah katakan. so i thought.

Free Wifi at McD's - stickers everywhere. Bangga giler dengan sales pitch stickers diorang. but what the h@ll man!! we sat around for 2 hours tapi tak dapat2 connect. Bo keeps trying every minute. Macam nak halau org offkan connection. ni bukan McD free wifi, ni McD wifi free as in soda - sugar free and cake - fat free. Jgn harap ah the staff knows anything when we asked about the connection. "takyah connect, terus pakai je". power betul diorang jawab - either terlampau malas nak layan or very good at making ppl feel disappointed. the malaysian customer service.

Memang disappointed tul. Baru nak share ideas and stuff. so in the end balik terkangkang. But time and time again i ask myself why do i get caught up in disappointment as i already know the expectation of service/business/public in Malaysia. I guess i have a vision too (not 2020), everything or everybody will do what they are suppose to do and get on with it. Its these small things that we go through day in and day out that builds up dissatisfaction and gives us a bad impression on our society. Hope i learn to control my dissatisfaction better as i cant expect a perfect world.

Wednesday, April 22

Jom White Water Rafting

Date: tentatively 30.5.09 (saturday = first day cuti sekolah)
Time: 8am - 4pm
Price: RM190 per person (insurance excluded)
Venue: Kuala Kubu, Selangor
Rapid class: level 2-4
Money collector: tentatively Bo
So far nak: zul, maz, shahrul, wafi, bo, faizal sani, mas (faizal), luqman, shah.

Ada berani???
Leave your name at the comment below kalau nak.

Nak atau tak saje.

Monday, April 20

"Nak atau tak saje"

Our way/concept of inviting people (Shahrul started it off/pioneer). I guess it started off because everybody got pissed due to the lame excuses followed by the much inticipated no or just tired of ppl being mengada2.

Contohnye: B*, jom pergi minum. B* replies: oklah oklahh(bunyi macam fed-up kena ajak)!!!.. tapi blah blah blah etc.
(angin je dengar.... like he's doing us a favour kalau ikut sekali).
kan senang kalau cakap nak or tak nak je.

This favourite concept/saying is now being adopted into our community blogspot site Its a wonderful idea by Bo to create this website but kinda ironic (u'll understand if u know bo.. tapi dia dah ubah.. hes a YES MAN now) . I'm hoping its a great way to be updated about others in the same geng.

Initially bo decided it was going to be a futsal kinda site but i see it being more of a community site. We suggested to put all kinds of things from bday/activity calender, polls, accounts sheet, invitations, contact lists and so forth. lets see how it goes. its gonna be hard to get it up and ppl supporting it but i'll do my part. So mintak2 bo adds me as an author.

So dont forget please visit the site

ps.. please bare in mind site ni baru je up today. all credit is directed to bo (

Friday, April 17


had cookies with milk for tea this evening. had some a few days ago generously donated by an office mate. loved it both.. absolutely delicious and addictive. When munching down the excellent fat-guilt, intensely sugared cookies... i remembered the cookie jar song by gym class heroes.

The song is on top of our currently favorite songs list (friends and family..zareef/zara included). funny thing... i'm assuming(not trying to offend) some ppl dont really get the whole point of the song. heres a link to the video and its lyrics.

*i especially like the line "i like girls, they like me".. confident jee..
* i guess u gotta understand what cookie is. (hint: cookie = nookie,biscuit)

Wednesday, April 15

Trying out things

i found myself bored again. kinda easy for me. i need something to do. especially something new and cool (i consider creating a home wireless network cool - lame in’nit, but can u do it especially mac campur windows? :p). After making this site, domain, network, wireless connection and a few hundred gig movie database (bought a new 1TB hardrive for RM340 at the pc fair - lots of discounts and half naked gedik girls *not complaining) i found myself bored. Enough with the geeky electronic stuff even though the wife digs that i know more now ( anything to impress our ladies right boys?) . I did enough to make our life easier with the computer world. time to move on to something else.

Yesterday (or was it 2 days ago - damn shift work, cant figure out what day is what) kirah (a college) was telling me she wanted to go white water rafting. Suddenly i remembered the shah alam geng wanted to do the same since last year raya (yes wafi i remembered, dont blame u because ur bz/important and all now). Seeing that im bored now, i think i want to organize a water rafting outing soon. i’ll bring it up at our ‘weekly meeting’ after futsal on sundays with the others. (asik2 tunggu aku je nak organize :p). more details on this later. kena tanya kirah and ask her after she gets back.

on the short term, im thinking of picking up the guitar again. i wanna start learning nursery rhymes to sing along with the kids. i read it encourages kids to be involve in the arts and stimulate the mind. i figured ‘are u sleeping‘ and the kids loved it. any more suggestions anyone? i dont inspire to be eric clapton, joe satriani and carlos santana. i just want to sing along and have fun playing the guitar. the singing part (wish i can sing like adam lambert - sure tambah points with the wife) i cant really expect much but the guitar i can practice. if its good enough, i want to post it on the site.. when its good enough. i will always have my back up singers and dancers (zara + zareef, maz ... emm maybe not maz - pun intended) to make it interesting.

If i had extra money, i want to buy a new fancy white colored electric guitar. to name it ‘cik putih’ associating it with the wife also my definition of ‘white beauty’. currently i have a 10 year old black acoustic named ‘hana’. lets not get into why its called ‘hana’. lots of memories with this guitar. hope to make more.

Update on Zara's hand

Its been 2.5 days since zara burnt her hands. pic above is the current status. it has improved a lot. the bubble bursted and its starting to dry out. minor burnt parts have seemed to be healing. And she’s using her hands as though its not hurting anymore (the most important part).

kids are great healers and very resilient. incredible coming from something so small, soft and tender. one of Gods miracle. hopefully by this weekend it’ll all be healed.

So kids, stay away from fire, hotstuff (not the opposite sex type - emm, yes the opposite sex type too) and anything sharp. Parents please make sure that kids do (coming from somebody who failed in this case).

Monday, April 13

Zara burnt hands - lesson for me.

yesterday was my first day blogging here and the blog entry was about me trying to be a good dad/family man. but God is great and wise. i was being a little too proud (i believe). last night i learned my lesson to be humble all the time. remembering God gives and take, nothing happens without His approval/knowledge.

let me tell u what happened. zara burnt her hands last night touching a bulb. the same bulb/night light i installed a few hours after my first blog entry (took me 8-9 months getting around to it - ironic in'nit). i was watching her in the bedroom last night with zareef while maz was taking her shower. zareef was insisting the new night light to be on. the kids were fascinated with the stars the light created.

after a few minutes zareef got bored (as expected) and continued to watch his cartoons on our old macbook. but zara on the other hand, was still hooked with the new lights. i didnt really care much at this stage and continued surfing on our new acer about a feet away from the her. she started pulling the lights. i was only at yellow alarm stage and the normal 'zaraaa... tak mau main, tu bukan toy'. never crossed my mind she'll be naive enough to touch the hot bulb (dah biasa zareef buat hal - zareef knows what not to touch eventhough whatever he touched rosak).

suddenly REDD ALLERRTT!! REDD ALLERTT!!. i heard that u know painful 'WAAAAAA..." cry coming from zara (kinda know the category of the cries by heart already). i didnt really see what happen. but u can guess from what she was playing with (apart from the palm she was holding up - duhh!!) she touched the bulb. at first her palms werent showing anything apart merah sikit (tapi tekan sikit pun merah) so i couldnt confirm my speculation. so we put colgate and vaseline on the palm. kesian giler when u see ur kids in pain (especially kalau u could avoid it). beratnya hati rasaaa... sedih and guilty giler.

a few minutes after that the gelombong showed (as of this morning dah start white bubble sikit - covering around 10-20% of the palm). waited for the wife to blame me but she didnt say a word, but i really blame myself and at that point of time i knew God was telling me to not be too proud. tu lah macam bagus je cakap - kan dah kesian kat anak. the guilt is still inside me now. even told my futsal frens last night. they shared some remedies and advice. (still putting the vaseline, might see the dr later today if teruk lagi). while i was trying to sleep last night, i knew i have to pay more attention to zara and remember how small/naive she still is (somehow i feel shes not getting the same attention as zareef from me - maybe she isnt). i will try and make it up to u sayang...

i love u zara.... u(family) are the most importing thing in my life.

Sunday, April 12

Being a family man

A man cannot call himself a man if he doesn't spend time with his family - don corleone, godfather.

I have always adhered to the saying above. I have always pride myself of being a family man. i believe strongly in being a family man and adopted it as part of my many principles in life. god forbid the day i stop. principles creates personality and stature not the money, glamor, power and other material stuff. that is what i am trying to show and prove to my children by example.

So being a family man means getting up earlier than the wife (she slept late to finish those marvelous scrap-art book thing - the only time she has for herself) to change the kids diapers, bath the kids, feed the kids then ill do it. (the maid is on leave today actually). nonetheless, i try to fill up whatever is needed in the house and this family as the best i can. never stopped trying and never will. its a promise i keep to myself.

being a family man also means watching cartoons with zareef. so gtg.. 'shaun the sheep' is on (our routine cartoon morning weekends)

ps.. still new with blogspot. any suggestions and comments are welcomed.

Wednesday, April 8


Finally its up. This blog entry is dedicated to En Ahmad Zaki Astaman for all his hardwork (really hard - 24hours around the clock) in helping us to post this website and educate me. there are still things for me to figure out but im not worried cause i know amad the walking/talking encyclopedia (seriously ask him anything) is there. Why cant all my friends be like him (helpful/informative not the ‘gatal/nyet2’ aspect). For those yg tak kenal amad. i letak gambar dia kat atas bagi dia kembang (realised gambar amad surprisingly tak banyak.. aku rasa sebab dia tak hensem kot.. and surely not because his shy)

I’ll spare you the gory details about the site nightmare publishing process. tapi i have to emphasive what maz said. Apple product (iweb in this case) memang design to jual apple nye stuff, its fancy and easy but they couldnt care less about others. On the downside lepas ni takde facilities to comment on our blogs but we will figure something out (tambah shout box ke). So will be terminated soon (USD 100 per year to maintain) compare to (RM100) for

Just happy to create our own site, with our own domain and stuff. Had always wanted to do this cuma dulu tak pandai (sekarang pun tak pandai gak). you can also contact us at and nampak lah cun sikit email

lepas ni korang boleh refer our family as zazamazu (first 2 leters of all our names combined - quite easy to guess). i think we can consider the name official. kira kalau boleh trademark, kitorang trademark dulu lah. What do u guys thing? but kirah ada tanya kalau anak ketiga macam mana. i answered za3mazu lah gamaknya.

In a nutshell, i am not so proud anymore when i am putting ‘made on a mac’ logo in this site.

Thanks again amad.

Saturday, April 4

Yaya, Caca & Kiki’s birthday party

Last Saturday, we attended Agus & Anis 3 in 1 birthday party celebration, minus ayah, who went to KYS reunion. Nenek joined us in exchange. Agus & Anis had 3 daughters; including one pair of twins, followed by another girl exactly a year later. So, the celebration was sweeter as three are better than one!! Happy Birthday to Yaya and Caca the twin girls, who turned 2 this year and to Kiki who just turned 1!! I still had a hard time differentiating Yaya and Caca, although they don’t look the same. One is Agus’s clone, the elder of the twins, and the other one looks similar to Anis. One is chubbier, and more attached or manja to Anis. Kiki is of course smallest of the three.. :)

We had fun at McD Seksyen 3, although we came in a bit late (have to wait for Zareef to wake up from his afternoon nap and nenek to get ready). Zareef had fun with Ronald McDonald and of course the party packs!! No suprise the party packs are full with Nestle products (courtesy of Agus) like Milo nuggets and Kit Kats. The problem is Zareef can’t stop eating the sweets!! We met Soraya & Razlan & their girls + 1, Wafi and Faizal & Mas. Of course, Zareef n Qariena hit if off again.. Before Qariena left, Zareef whispered to me.. “Zareef tak salam ngan Nana lagi.” So I called Nana and Zareef got to salam Nana.. Romeo sungguh!

Again, happy birthday to Agus & Anis girls! I really respect Anis for single-handedly (kind-of) taking care of her girls. We are still struggling with two!

Wednesday, April 1

Kyser Reunion

Had a blast going back to my high school, the beloved Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka. Things sure changed a lot around Melaka. its no suprise if you havent been back for about 10-9 years. So obvious sebab i was the most ‘jakun’ of the lot. Some of the guys were giving me tours around melaka. giler haps sekarang ada ‘hang tuah walk’, padang pahlawan lah, portugese village lah... and big fancy ‘deserted’ roads. Patutlah banyak rempit and mat preng.

Around the school itself, nothing really changed. the kids still uses the same uniforms, same buildings, several similar faces and of course same amount of trouble (but i still think they cant top off ‘mat sterika’ case - adalah mamat tu dalam my batch). During the whole visit, all old stories came up. pretty embarrassed about a few myself so ‘i cannot deny or confirm anything’.

Want to thank the organizer especially Hazman for a great day. just wished he told me earlier that i needed to give a talk about engineering. As usual when you give me the mic, i will sound so all poyo and stuff. but at least ppl took me seriously now or i think they did. Hazman and the others keep selling my Ir. status. at first it was flattering up until u start hearing the Ir = short form for ‘irrelevance’ joke i know their just milking it.

So after the talks, we went to the theaters (tempat prep dulu - tempat kejadian baling selipar, tipu kentut durian en. hanif and others) for more intimate discussions on engineering. Just to point out my theater was the fullest (sempat berlagak lagi) and seemed like everybody had a good time (last kali habis sampai org lain habis makan - thats how enjoyable it was.. hahahahah). apart from engineering, i shared stories about my study life in new york, i think that part yg budak2 suka. But unfortunately, i takleh ceriter semua... for obvious reasons (lagi pun budak2 batch i ada... nanti tambah ceriter yg lain keluar)

Ptg tu main rugby, hahahahah... gelak balik teringat. The only thing i wanted to do was to tackle org and avoid getting tackled. Dah lah tak ingat rules and budak2 lain cakap tactical habis (swaplah, panaslah, wosshhlahh). all i know is to run or pass the ball before getting hit and to bring down anybody with the ball (nasib baik mat yus keep yelling where to go). first 5 times ok ah (tahan at least 20 minutes)... lepas kena tijak kat muka and nak kejar balik budak lipas tu tak dapat.. give up jelah. FYI we won, but not a lot coming from me.

Malam tu, kire dinner and social sembang2. relaxing and time to catch up. nothing much apart from sharing stories and the melaka tour (1/2 jam je). its good to hear your friends are going places and to learn back their nicknames. for more pics check out So i end this entry with a song. please feel free so sing it.

“kita pelajar berwawasan.

sedia menghadapi perjuangan.

untuk menjadi satria.

pemimpin yang berwibawa.

pejuang semangat waja.

bermoral dan betika.

kolej yayasan saad.

centre of excellence.

your deeds so priceless.

your vision our mission.

together we attain great heights.

for Malaysia our beloved motherland.

kami berjanji pada diri.

gigih dan tekun menuntut ilmu.

bersemangat bersukan.

hormat kepada guru.

sayang kepada ibu bapa.

taat kepada agama.

kolej yayasan saad.

centre of excellence.

your deeds so priceless.

your vision our mission.

together we attain great heights.

for Malaysia our beloved motherland”