Monday, August 29

Zara version of fairytale

Ayah: very beautiful.... Just like in the fairy-TALE
Zara: Nooooo..... Fairy doesn't have TAILSSSSS, they have wings and sparkling facess

Friday, August 19

Cikgu Morinho

Ahhh real barca again. Always figthing. Macam budak2. Tu yg cikgu kena ajar sikit. Tarik telinga nak?

Ps. Loving the classico drama

Wednesday, August 17

Zareef the budak hutan... org hutan pun boleh jugak!

The budak2 hutan's
Muscle lah konon... keding giler adalah
Lovely mama and Zara waiting for the show
Zareef doing his drum part of the song
On stage doing their thing
Selamba nya... We need to talk son! 

Last week Zareef was involved in a Cabaret held by his school. It was held at a city council hall and it was very nice. Although they had hundreds of kids yelling and running around everything went very smooth and enjoyable.

Zareefs class was doing the George of The Jungle song. They nailed it pretty well. Especially making the "ooooOOOOooOOOO" tarzan sound while pounding their chest. Their costumes were awesome and cute. All the parents loved it. Kids loved it too... paling tak tahan zareef kacau a girl that was kinda flabby. Dangerous Zareef ni... one of the pics is the evidence. 

Till next time.. 

Monday, August 15

Bukak puasa di Ostrolia

Last weekend we had a bukak puasa at our house. We loved it coz it just brings our culture of breaking fast together. Sharing food with other Muslims is a blessed feeling. we had lovely food from Ikan bakar, kerabu, kfc, tart and other manisan. I loved it when the dining table was full of food and people eating. Addition to our very Malay cultured night we had Upin Ipin as part of our entertainment. It was fantastic and enjoyed by all of us. I hope to keep this tradition going inshallah as to not forget the finer things in life.

Saturday, August 6

Sekampung of Shahrul's

Last week a very close friend of us came to Melbourne. Yup the one and only Shahrul. We are always excited to get visitors... what more somebody we've known and like most of our lives. We had fun at the park, went to cafes, driving around showing popular spots in Melbourne, watch the fireworks but the highlight must be the our Ozzie home style Barby!!

With only short notice Shahrul being Shahrul said the whole 12 family members are coming to our small house.... FYI Shahrul has some seriously BIG family members. Bak kata Shahrul "Dengan Zul, takyah malu!!!" ... plus dengan selambanya ajak org lain datang rumah tanpa notifying me. But Shahrul was right I didn't mind at all. Loved it actually especially with the kids running around. He knows me well. So we decided to do mee hoon and barbeque some lamb chops and steaks. They loved itttt! Especially Abang. He keeps saying "I love your meat". They loved it soo much it wasn't enough. So they went to the butchers and bought some more.. A LOTTT MOREE... the biggest steaks I had ever seen. Had to hold it with 2 hands punya besar. Layann memang LAYAANNN!!! tu tak kira hotdog, lamb chop and others. Memang habis barby.. to top it off, they went out again to buy apple crumble and ice cream... giler guilty makan but who caresss.. sinful pleasure. I hope they had a good time cause rumah pun kecik and we had to do with what we have. But it seemed they didnt mind and had enjoyed themselves.

Another fun thing we did together was watching the fireworks at docklands. It was beautiful and lasted a fair bit. Memang puas. Zareef keeps shouting if excitement. Zara was amazed with all the colours and singing/dancing with the songs they played along with the fireworks show. Shania was a little cautious of the loud bangs but I think she enjoyed it in her own way. The funny thing was we didn't even know there would be fireworks. It took a tourist (Julie) to tell us whats going on in our own city.

Sorry I didn't get to take many pictures but hoping shahrul and family will post in FB soon.

Tuesday, August 2

Ya Allah, Rahmatilah Ibu kesayangan ku.

I have recently lost my beloved mother. How dearly I miss her and love her. I'm going through a stage were every memory is coming back in flashes bringing smiles and laughter. How much I adore her for her love and strength. Anybody who knows her will confirm how loving she is and how she will do everything for her loved ones. I can't write too much without shedding tears so I will stop here.

I love you Mama!!

I will pray everyday that Allah place you among those who are blessed and loved by Him