Sunday, December 16

Zareef appreciates the teacher

Its the end of the year now and kids are saying goodbye to the teachers. Zareef wanted to make a card to show his appreciation. We thought it was kind hearted of him.

Wednesday, December 12

Work not fun

Not having a great time at work nowadays. Post this few pics for good memories

Zara's first dentist visit

She was excited n cautious all in one. Very quite n obedient. The dentist said she had great teeth n it was a good idea to bring kids early so they know the drill. Some kids can go mental i assume. Adults too i suppose.

Teachers on strike again

"The school will be opened at 12:38. Not 12:37 but 12:38! " the principal told the parents.

Such a nuisance but i understand the teachers strife. Cant blame them because they were lied too n losing out.

Its just that the kids n families are copping it all. Someone has to pay

Thursday, November 1

Content not resent

Not really having a good time in my life right now. But was just updating FB with the pic below, and I realise that i should b more contented n thankful with what I already have. Allah has blessed our life. O Allah, open for us the doors of your mercy.

Thursday, October 18

Hek elahh!! posing lak!!

Ada ke patut linesman posing gambar ngan player half time.. tak kisah messi ke.. mana boleh!
Macam mana lah org tak benggang.. obvious giler tak fair!!

Wednesday, October 17


Had a great time at Vic Mart last sunday. Beautiful day with heaps of malaysian food. Coconut and 1 hr wait satay was the highlight. The coconut brings back memories and tasted like chocolate somehow.

Wassup murtabak

Loved this murtabak at Zam Zam Singapore. Representing!!


Went back to Malaysia the other day and took this photo at the same spot with the hommies. What a blessed life.

Friday, October 12


Finally got authorized for Powercor. Playing with the big boys now. No more slip ups. Ass cover mode ON. Guns fully loaded. Bullshitter in action.

Alll the way baby !!!!!!!!

Oooppaa poyo stylee!!!

Tuesday, September 25

Messi vs Villa

Ni kepala Bapak Messi.... ni kepala Bapak Villa....

Haaaa!! pijak lah!! apa lagi pijak lah!!!!

Wednesday, September 5

Im Zara

Im so happy im zara - zara

Modern Bedtime Stories

This is what happen when kids learn to use the ipad and youtube.

Tuesday, August 7

Went to zara's friend bday party the other day with the whole family. Everybody had fun.
Zareef apparently made an impression. I got this pic when one wrote something i found funny. Zareef didnt like it and rubbed it off. She wrote it once again and zareef ran away embarrassed
Sometimes i dont know why zareef always get the girls to notice him. I asked the mom why that is and the mom said "he pays attention to the girls"
Thats the way son, uve just managed to discover something most men wouldnt figure out in their life time.

Location:He pays attention

Tuesday, July 24

Zara baking

Zara had a baking class at kindy today. Look at the ginger bread men she made. It may not look perfect but it was sure pure of love. She was adamant to that everybody in the family had a taste too. Hope it is the first from many to come.

Job appreciation

At work, the team leader brought in this cake to celebrate my part authorization on the desk and bday. Felt really appreciated. The most in all the companies i have worked for. Hope this is a start of a long career here.

Ps. Thanks mrs team leader to bake this cake

U will always b in our hearts

Dear Mama,

Its been a year and I sorely miss your love and guidance. May Allah make your afterlife comfortable and blessed. We will never stop praying for you.

Love your son

Saturday, May 12

Whats for dinner

Me: Mama is coming home late tonight. Its just us.

Zareef instantly responded: Yessss!!! 2 minute noodle for dinner!!!!

Thursday, April 26

Marah nanti penyokong Man U

While bz doing something beside Zareef, I heard him singing while playing FIFA on the iPad. He went on like this

"Poor, Poor little rabbit....
He flipped it and he flopped it and he hopped away....."

I laughed hysterically cause I knew he was making it up while mishearing

"Glory, Glory Man United...
bla bla blaaa......"

Sukahati je anak ayah ni.... on his defence he didn't mean anything bad but just like to make things up.


Wednesday, April 25 is when you are convinced who will win the game

The players' request finds great success on Twitter / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
Kaka, who has the most followers on Twitter, started it all by posting: "Tomorrow we'll play the most important match of the season at the Bernabeu. We will give our all but we need something more @SergioRamos #elrmbayernloganastú."
Sergio Ramos soon replied: "We want to feel the 80,000 people at the stadium as soon as we start warming up for the game. That's what we need @Cristiano #elrmbayernloganastú."

Ronaldo was confident in the crowd: "True. The Bernabeu can drive us to the final and I'm sure it will. Don't you think @eGranero11? #elrmbayernloganastú."

The former academy player shared his excitement about playing the 19 May Munich final: "It has to be a magical night. We'll need everyone's strength to return to Munich. What do you think @aarbeloa17 ? #elrmbayernloganastú."

Arbeloa was also thrilled with the chance of playing the final: "Yes. We cannot miss the chance to fight for the Tenth. @XabiAlonso we need the full support of the Bernabeu. #elrmbayernloganastú."

Xabi replied: "The stadium will be packed. We all play this game: fans and team together. As Zidane says: #elrmbayernloganastú."

The #elrmbayernloganastú hashtag was Trending Topic in no time. Madridistas with Twitter accounts were in full support of the players' enthusiasm.
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    Saturday, April 21

    Im starting a new blog about our photos. Its just a blog to put pictures that I believe are worth sharing. Do come and visit. Comments are welcome.

    Tuesday, April 17

    Arrogant and Ignorant Alves

    Alves told The Guardian: "There is no doubt that was the hardest game we have played, with everything that was at stake, the moment and everything that happened.
    "People say Chelsea could have won but for the referee but that is not our problem. We do not control the referees. We are there to play football, to compete and to try to reach the final. What can we do about the referee?
    "Chelsea did not reach the final because of fear. The team that has got a man more, is playing at home and winning should have attacked us more. But of course, if you don't have that [attacking] concept of football that Barcelona have, you stay back and you get knocked out.
    "You have to go forward. Stay back: losers. Go forward: winners. I think Chelsea lacked the courage to take a step forward and attack us. They paid for it."

    Above is what Alves said regarding the last time Barca met Chelsea in the Champs league semifinal 2009. I find it distasteful especially when everybody except Barca saw how bad the ref did that night. 4 legitimate penalty was waved away. It was shameful but for Alves to rub mud into it shows how "classy" Barca are. It might be also a provocation/trap to manipulate how Chelsea is going to play. 

    It might be Barca way of thinking "Stay back: losers. Go Forward: winners" but every team can do whatever they think will win the game especially when your leading. Very shallow opinion in my way of thinking. And how convenient Alves forgot how Inter Milan (with 10 men) defensive way made Barca lose in the year 2010. Some people are just arrogant and ignorant.

    ps.. For the past few years when people are saying Barca the best team ever... all their Champions league title always had a significant controversial incident. 

    Friday, April 13

    Sarcastically funny, pathetic and ultimately sad

    This is soooo pathetic and sad at the same time. Read in an article that a comic is being circulated among school teachers which have these kind of pics . Guess election is near but it does seem a little desperate by whoever that did this. It might be even a back door strategy to do damages. I don't know, the dark arts of politics is something I would not want to explore. But one thing for sure, the creator must have a very low opinion on the level of intelligence of its targeted audience. 

    To sum up what I think of this cartoon can be told by a joke I read about Rajnikhant by a serious fanatic/crazy fan:

    "When Rajnikhant does push ups... he doesn't go up 
    but the earth goes down!!!!"

    I pray we will not come to that

    Saturday, April 7

    Be cool dipsh!tsl!! They aren't doing anything!

    Real Madrid grateful to Villamar family for its support

    Real Madrid - Apoel
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    More photos
    • Antonio Solanas
    After the unpleasant experience suffered at the Reyno de Navarra Stadium, the club invited them to see the match against APOEL from the Presidential Balcony, where they met Florentino Perez, Zinedine Zidane and Fernando Alonso / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
    Members of the Villamar family had an unpleasant experience at the Reyno de Navarra Stadium during Saturday's match against Osasuna. Some local supporters tried to snatch their Real Madrid banner from them. After seeing this on television, Real Madrid CF decided to invite them to the match against APOEL Nicosia. They started their visit at the RealCafe and then saw the Stadium Museum and the pitch. Finally, they watched the game from the Presidential Balcony, where they met and had their picture taken with Zinedine Zidane, Fernando Alonso and Florentino Perez.
    "We are proud to be here and this is an incredible gesture on Real Madrid's part," said Edgar, the father of the family, "What happened is over now. It's a shame to see people like that in football, but fortunately there are few of them around. We know they had nothing to do with Osasuna FC; it was just those four."

    "This means a lot to us. It is an unforgettable and grandiose experience. Thank you so much. That's all we can say. We didn't know the Bernabeu and we've done so in impeccable fashion."

    Thursday, April 5

    Milan on barca awarded penalty

    After the game Ibrahimovic told Viasat Fotboll: "We got back to 1-1 and then we saw a penalty decision given against us that I cannot understand. The ball was not in play, but he whistled. It was an odd decision, a strange decision. It ruined the game.

    "They don't need to be given favours. We're talking about the best team in the world. I'm starting to understand Mourinho's reaction every time he comes here. I've been through it myself now. I understand more and more."

    Nesta, meanwhile, accepted that
    he had pulled Busquets' shirt but claimed he was fouled by Carles Puyol at the same time.

    "I pulled Busquets a bit, but I was being blocked from behind by Puyol," Nesta told Sky Sport Italia. "It was a foul on me as well. At least from what I saw on the pitch, the referee awarded the foul before the ball was in play.

    Above are quotes from nesta and ibra. The later used to wear the barca shirt and won trophies.

    On the nesta penalty i think it should just been a retAke on the corner cause both them were fouling each other.

    Funny barca always get a big controversial decision during the most critical times

    Tuesday, March 27

    Avatar kora

    The new avatar has arrived. We all really love the old avatar the last air bender. In our opinion it's one of the best series ever with its very detailed and researched story telling. Let's hope the legacy continues with this one.

    We watched the first episode and instantly we can relate to its characters. One character that stands out to us is Meelo who realllllllyyyy resembles Zareef in so many ways. Physical and personality.

    Be the leaf!!

    Tuesday, March 20

    Wives love those small gestures

    I was rushing to work this morning but was just able to squeeze in making coffee. Tried a new artsy stuff, didnt turn up too well but glad to see the wife appreciates it. She posted the pic in fb before i knew it. The only downer was that i wasnt there to see her reaction but instead freezing waiting for the train @ 6am.

    Monday, March 19

    Gold coast adventure

    Gold coast... The name itself sounds spectacular. But apologies to the kids... There were no gold or pirate treasure as expected. Zara keeps pronouncing it as roller coast just cause of the association of the place with theme parks.

    So the adventure began when we all met up. Zazamazu, gel, Eza, Shahrul and Wafi. Meeting each other was exciting enough what more in beautiful gold coast. The only thing that dampen the adventure was the first day downpour. Wet t-shirt contest was won by Shahrul.

    We went to all the major theme parks, beaches and some food places. With the rides, we made sure everybody had a chance to go on whatever they wanted to... Or not wanted to (Zara didn't enjoy her rides - but she can produce a very cute yell). Zareef on the other hand had a blast. Always talking it up but stayed real quiet when the action was happening. But have to give it to him for being brave and made it more enjoyable especially with his trademark " r u scareeeeddd?" remarks. Unfortunately he did cry once when we made fun of him when we were still turning and dropping.

    Maz had heaps of fun too. Being an adrenaline junkie she laughed at the challenge. Literally.... Out of terror or amusement that is yett to be determined. I on the other hand loved it. But my cryptonite was all the spinning... Causes me headaches especially when it's hot and being hydrated. $4.50 for a drink doesn't help either.

    Shahrul and Wafi after the trip are kings of roller coaster. I think Shahrul had the most rides on Buzz Saw (our fav) of the day = 5 times. His motto, ull never walk alone(Liverpool habis).. So every time one of us wants to go on anything he will be on it. Wafi also had a few goes. The funny thing about Wafi is that he is really quiet when the action happens. So we still don't know what goes on In His head. And we dare not to figure that out. Best part is we always looked for the camera and go stupid poses. It's worth it cause Wafi is collecting them.

    Gel and Eza was not bad. Eza is always up to it which made it cooler. No fear baby. Gel too. But sometimes gel closes his eyes. Either meditating or layan habis ahh tu. But I always love the way gel describes the ride. With full of expression makes it sound so cool.

    Some of the highlights worth mentioning:-

    Wafi has a cat named yoko... Which he used as a pickup line when chatting up 4 japanese girls.. 18 years have I known him and never once he mention anything about a cat. Next time I'll dress up as a Japanese cutie and will learn more about my buddy.

    Maz sangkut loop ride at wet and wild... Either not enough weight or too much friction.... She reckons its the former. I beg to differ

    Yellow jets and the claw that conquered me... Went on the yellow thing with Zara. She was scared crying and the seat belts were loose on her. So I kinda panicked and awkwardly tried to hold Zara while losing my bearings. Felt like nearly lost zara through the cage and the ride went on forever... After all that all I wanted is to puke.. But I was alone taking care of the kids... Ended up hiding in the air con arcade while the kids play. Oh yeah... Zara acted like nothing happen afterwards.

    Shahrul birthday dinner. We had it at outback jack. Pure Aussie baby... Everybody loved it. Everything about it. Shahrul nearly finished the challenge while Wafi had a pathetic effort (not my words but the waitress). Layannn babe.. One of those dinners that we will never forget

    Seeing my Big mates in a small Nissan micra. Just like the circus clowns stuffed in a small car. We had a really nice falcon and till now Zara reckons we should buy it just because the radio can sync with our iPhones and play her tunes effortlessly.

    There's more stories but I reckon I mention enough without embarrassing ourselves too much... Till later...

    Fav hero - Batman

    Ever since I was a boy, I have always favored batman over other superheroes. I love the fact that he is a bad mother $&@$& despite his lack of powers. He has the mystery aspect and kick ass villains to make it more attracting to all aged viewers. And in some funny way I chose to become an engineer for what the stories tell of batman and his dad. So when we saw batman @ movie world I think I was more excited than all the other kids.

    So here's to Batman the Dark Knight and may he continue to inspire ppl around the world.

    Monday, March 12

    Soccernet App

    Here is a good app for our footballing needs.

    Available for iphone. Soon for ipad and android devices. Released a couple of weeks ago. Free and easy.


    Tuesday, March 6

    Ape da nak complain barca

    Morinho once said: there are coaches who criticizes ref for making mistakes, I'm one of the and there are coaches who does not complaint. But Pep (barca) belongs to another group where criticizes ref for making the right decisions......

    These words were uttered a few months back and what happen last weekend was another example of Barca antics. Some of dialogue that occurred

    "If he blows for a foul, with Pique the last man, it can be a sending off," said Guardiola. "But I would not be in this line of work if I thought that someone would decide in advance to harm us. Life sets you tests and you have to overcome them. A sending off? Win with ten. An injury for Alexis? Win with nine."

    The Spanish international later voiced his disagreement, saying: "At half-time I told the referee it was a penalty on Keita and he kept that [in his head], I have a feeling of premeditation."

    U judge it urself from the clip below. If ur the last man tackling and didn't get the ball In most book it's a red card. Dunno what rule barca is reading

    Tuesday, February 14

    Dipping goals.

    Anybody who knows how to kick the ball properly knows how hard it is to get the ball to dip. Among those I have watch playing, CR7 is among the best in doing this. It's very technical and scientific how the ball can move so out of norm from the average trajectory especially when it falls down really fast (dipping). It has to do with rotation, force direction, tail spin, torque and bla bla bla...

    So below is a video I reckon is the best dipping goal in open play.

    Tuesday, February 7

    Double standard Man U

    "It was a sending off," Ferguson told Sky Sports. "The linesman has given two penalty kicks against us at Old Trafford in the last two years, one against Arsenal and one against Liverpool - from 45 yards away, but he can't see that? I don't blame Howard Webb, I blame the assistant.
    "There was a pull on Ashley Young, in front of the linesman again, and he doesn't give it. Yet he gives them at Old Trafford. I don't understand it, I don't know where they get them from.
    However, on this occasion the FA does not believe he called into question the integrity of the official, so punishment will be avoided.
    Fa taknak buat apa2 ke .Tu lah dia double standard uncle alex. Webb tak nak kutuk lak because 17% of all penalties his given was to man u. Kalau masuk fantasy football dah jadi top assists.
    Something stinks in Manure!!! Sama je macam Barca

    Monday, February 6

    Melbourne Aquarium Outing

    As a shift worker, I tend to get a lot of free time.... Not as much as I would have liked but enough with no complains. So on my off days and during the school summer holidays, I brought my kids to the city and the Melbourne aquarium while the misses was working.

    It was really fun and educational. The kids loved it. Here are a few photos we took.

    Ps... Although we had a fantastic time... I was a little disappointed and thought the Sydney aquarium was a lot better. Why do we always have to come second to Sydney with all the touristy places.