Sunday, December 16

Zareef appreciates the teacher

Its the end of the year now and kids are saying goodbye to the teachers. Zareef wanted to make a card to show his appreciation. We thought it was kind hearted of him.

Wednesday, December 12

Work not fun

Not having a great time at work nowadays. Post this few pics for good memories

Zara's first dentist visit

She was excited n cautious all in one. Very quite n obedient. The dentist said she had great teeth n it was a good idea to bring kids early so they know the drill. Some kids can go mental i assume. Adults too i suppose.

Teachers on strike again

"The school will be opened at 12:38. Not 12:37 but 12:38! " the principal told the parents.

Such a nuisance but i understand the teachers strife. Cant blame them because they were lied too n losing out.

Its just that the kids n families are copping it all. Someone has to pay